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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

Cam continues to climb his Mount Everest, sometimes facing sheer rock faces with no apparent way to move forward and yet other times he is provided a reprieve. As he puts one foot in front of the other, he has the strength of so many of you supporting his back side and praying to keep the multitude of foes that are attacking his body and spirit at bay, but most importantly he has his Infinite Partner, Jesus Christ, walking along side him, carrying his burden, giving him encouragement and enabling Cam beyond our mortal comprehension.

This week Cam faced a few new “rock faces” by losing his Grandfather, Kay Williams, (Cam’s the oldest Grandson) on Monday to a Cardiac Arrest due to a massive staff infection. He left quickly and with little suffering. Cam’s Grandpa would have been the first one to volunteer to move from this mortality to the next estate in order to help Cam in any way that we don’t understand, yet we certainly feel.

Wednesday morning Cam had another “rock face” to conquer as his heart rate soared to 191 and his oxygen dropped to the high 70’s in a matter of minutes. We are grateful for the speed of the paramedics in arriving at our home. While Cam was in the hospital some very positive things happened. Before anything was administered in ER, his temperature started to fall and he became stabilized. Cam’s chest catheter in his left side was removed and a new catheter was placed in his right side where fluid had built up suppressing his lung from expanding.

Cam was diagnosed once again with multiple high grade infections in his blood, in his old “pick line” and in his pleural cavity. Thus, a new double lumen pick line was placed in his right arm. Cam’s said that he is going for the record of the most tubes hanging out his body. The next morning Cam’s stomach “G Tube” had a smaller “J tube” inserted that runs through the G tube, but instead of stopping at the stomach wall, it runs down approximately 6 inches in the small intestine. This will allow Cam to try and hold down some juices through this new J tube, without immediately hitting his stomach and then being rejected back up and out his mouth. Cam continues to receive the majority of his caloric intake through his veins called (TPN) Total Parenteral Nutrition and when continues to go to daily immune strengthening therapy….when he isn’t in the hospital.

While receiving the J tube, new pictures of his stomach were taken of the bottom of the esophagus and bottom of the stomach showing more “normal” tissue being formed. We give all the credit to a Merciful God of Miracles for any and all improvements.

Each day that Cam is with us is nothing short of a miracle. It is a sacred and a holy experience for us to participate in his trek and continue to have confidence in his full recovery and are behaving as if he is already healed and have no doubt that he will be according to the Lord’s time table. Yet we remain watchful and provide around the clock care because at any moment, Cam’s body can surprise us and we can have another adventure.

Cam turned 25 today and we are particularly grateful that he has made it to this milestone and know that he will make it to many more.

What a journey….One that we would not wish upon anyone and yet would not trade for.

Humbly and Gratefully,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

Monday, December 3, 2007

AUGURI - C.J. Sorenson is engaged!
Hey friends! I just wanted to send a quick message to let you all know that I was engaged over the weekend in Washington D.C. It has been a long time coming and I am really excited for the future. Some of you have heard already but I wanted you to hear from me too. Her name is Tania Chamberlain. She is my best friend in the world and I love her. The date is set for Feb. 9th. I'm sure it will come fast! I hope you will all be able to come. I love you all and appreciate your support so much!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hannah Marie Call was born October 30th.
Dad says; "She's a cutie--weighed in at 8 lb 7 oz.,
measuring 21 inches long. She was just as long as her
older brother, Stewart,
but weighed nearly a pound and a half more."
Mom and baby are doing well!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 2, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

The last two weeks have been full of events that continue to show forth the mighty hand of God as Cam continues to face a sophisticated enemy on multiple fronts.

Cam is currently in the hospital after being brought to ER on Tuesday evening. Tuesday at around 5 p.m., Cam’s heart rate shot up to 160 and his oxygen went down to 70. If he had not had someone with him, he would have not had sufficient oxygen to survive. We were able to get him to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and somewhat stabilized. The following morning, Cam had a catheter (chest tube) inserted into the pleural cavity to drain the fluid (full of high grade infection) and air that had gathered, most likely caused from a thoracentesis that was performed early Tuesday morning (it is a risk we run to go after the fluid). Since the placement of the catheter he has had most of the fluid and air removed; however, the part of the lung that should fill that space is contaminated and won’t inflate right now. We will expect another miracle to be administered to fix the lung.

9 days ago, Cam had to have his feeding tube (G tube) fixed and new pictures were taken through endoscopy that showed “normal tissue” at the bottom half of his stomach where the same spots a month earlier were riddled with cancer….Big miracle! Also, he has been able to accept food (juices – apple/carrot, greens) without his body rejecting them….Big Miracle!

Cam has continued to loss weight, but still has good strength and his mental alertness and attitude is undaunted. Some of Cam’s new nicknames are “Iron Will(iams)”, “Braveheart” and “Miracle Man.”

With this new attack upon his lungs we need heaven’s help and the continued goodness, concern, prayers and faith of everyone that we can enlist.

We know that everyday that Cam continues his journey is a miracle and we are expecting more of them. We believe that we should, “….act as though you have already received them [blessings].” We see Cam as fully healed, playing soccer, going to school, having a family and being a tremendous influence for good.

We are continually awed and grateful as to the lessons we are experiencing and hopefully learning from them. We are also indebted to you for your efforts in behalf of Cam in participating in all the cool events and for your generosities. We are completely humbled at the out pouring of love in behalf of Cam and our family. Words can only express the smallest part of the love and gratitude we feel toward all of you.

We hope to bring Cam home tomorrow and that his oxygen uptake continues and his heart rate normalizes.

Together We CAM!

David K. Williams

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

AUGURI - Taylor & Lindsay Bench
They had their first baby, a boy named Jackson.
He was born last month.
He weighed 9 lbs 5 oz.
Have fun with your new little one!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

The last 10 days have been in a nutshell “steps forward with fewer steps backward!” We are full of awe, gratitude and excitement.

Cam continues to work around the clock with physical, mental and an iron will beyond his own. We have felt and seen the power of God in very specific ways that are too sacred to share. I’m sure that one day Cam will want to share some of these as he sees fit for they are a testament to all that we have a God of Miracles and He hears and answers prayers.

Since the last email when a good doctor replaced a damage GJ tube, Cam has had to fight the infection from several fronts while battling the cancer. From the gastric acid that poured into his abdominal cavity from the area of his stomach where the old GJ tube had ripped; from the pneumonia and from the pleura cavity that had become infected. Three times infection has been pulled out of his back (thoracentesis) starting from 1 liter, the third time yielded a little over 1/2 a liter. Yesterday there was none evident (big positive!). With the destruction of tumors, blood is lost and therefore Cam has required two more blood transfusions.

Even though many moments have been touch and go as Cam walks “through the valley of the shadow of death, [Cam] has feared no evil”, for God and many Angels both in this world and from God’s presence, have been with him. Cam truly has had a “rod and a staff [to] comfort [him]…. [Cam’s] head has been [anointed] with oil (many times) and his cup runneth over. We have full faith and belief that “goodness and mercy shall follow [Cam] all the days of [his] life…” and that he will be restored to his full physical strength with the added blessing of the wisdom and learning’s that come from this amazing journey.

We see small evidences that Cam’s physical strength is being restored. No weight has been added, but weight depletion has level off.

Some of the miracles that we wish to give all the credit to God for guiding the minds and hands of professionals are:

1. Pneumonia is gone or close to.
2. Pleura fluid (pleurisies) has diminished or is over. Yesterday was the last ultra sound to look for any fluid…none!
3. The asides (weeping) into his abdominal cavity has not occurred for at last the last 10 days. Ultra Sound Technicians have checked to pull some off several occasions. None found!
4. Edema in his legs have fully diminished.
5. Chunks of tumor have continued to be ejected through vomiting, his GJ tube and the bowels
6. Cam yesterday began to attempt to hold down through his mouth 1-2 tablespoons every 20 minutes some fresh carrot/apple strained juice along with some “greens.” Doing pretty good, holding some of it down, rejected the rest while his entire gastric track becomes acquainted with food again. He has gone for nearly 6 weeks without holding down but very few fluids or any type of mild juiced or puréed foods.
7. Cam is still on oxygen, but his lungs are getting stronger.
8. His coloring is beautiful and his alertness is sharp and keen as ever.

Although Cam’s days seem to him much of the same and he wants to “get on with it….” We love this attitude for he is starting take control of his body and as Lindsey said, “Cam, your mind is your medicine.”

We understand to the degree we can, that Cam’s life is very fragile, yet we feel strengthened, enthusiastic and joyful with each positive step forward. Cam has not accepted the prognosis of so many professionals (two separate hospital ER’s) telling him as recently as two weekends ago that, “…your son has less than 48 hours to live…make your plans for his death….” Gratefully, I am sitting beside a very much alive Cameron.

We continue to be humbled by the blessings of life that we receive each day from the hands of our children, extended family and our great friends, but most importantly from our All Knowing, All Loving, God of Miracles.


Humbly and Gratefully,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

Thursday, November 15, 2007

About Cameron David Williams
(Dec 9, 1982)

We would like to share a few things about Cameron with you. Cameron is an inspiration to many people. He has influenced people for good from Italy, to Canada, from California to Utah. As one person said, “Cam’s arms reach very far….” He is one of the most positive, spiritual and good people you will ever meet. He is 24 years old and currently a student at BYU, although he has had to postpone school this semester. He has always been an incredible athlete, loves to cook and loves helping others. A four-year high school friend of Cam said, “Cam is the only person I knew in high school that always stood up for what he believes….” Cam is commonly referred to as “hard-working”, “a finisher”, “a friend to those who needed one,” “obedient and honest,” “willing to give anything he had to his friends and family,” “a person of great faith and optimism,” “someone that you could count on”. To his family he is a pillar of strength, leadership and righteousness and most importantly he is deeply loved by his family and that is why his siblings have taken upon themselves a way to serve him and to give a little back to him as he fights truly the battle of and for his life.

Cameron started to have various physical symptoms over a year ago and after countless studies, scans, with an added challenge along the way of tearing his ACL and meniscus, finally was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer or cancer of the stomach. Physicians had not been looking for cancer because Cam is the youngest, at least in the State of Utah, to have this type of cancer and this cancer is very rare. The average age of victims with this cancer is 71 years old. The first visual indicator took place during another endoscopy that located a tumor (adenoma carcinoma) just below his esophagus in the stomach in mid July. A week later an additional endoscopy-ultra sound discovered that his entire stomach was full of the cancer and that it had likely spread into the abdominal cavity.

The only known western medicine procedure at this point was to surgically remove his entire stomach and parts of some other organs, followed by intensive chemo and radiation therapy, yet when Cam was opened up, the surgeon closed him back up and said that there is nothing he could do, the cancer is everywhere. He said, “Cam’s abdominal cavity is like someone took a can of white paint and sprayed it all over everything and on every organ that he could see including up his back. Since this day, Cam has fallen outside known western medicine procedures and protocols and was sent home. Chapter closed!

Obviously this killer inside Cameron didn’t know who it was dealing with. Cameron is a fighter and is convinced that he is going to beat this, but he needs your help. After investigating, meeting with many who have various homeopathic processes, herbs, machines, etc. Cam and his family have found a Naturopathic M.D. who has a private clinic specializing in IV Immunization therapy. This modality has treated and cured many types of cancers, virals, and terminal diseases. His family has felt inspired that this is what needs to be done for him. Once his immune system can be strengthened, Chemo therapy is likely to be the only way to kill the cancer cells. He will be getting treatments directly through an IV line 4 times per week for approximately 6 hours per day, which will bypass his stomach and give his immune system the building blocks with all the cancer fighting agents that he can take in order to defeat this enemy
When Cam first found out he had this rare cancer that had spread throughout his stomach he said, “….this is just a bump in the road, give me three months and I’ll be back…” When the surgeon opened him up and said there is nothing that can be done, Cam said, “at least I’ll still have my stomach when I’m healed…”

Wherever Cam has gone, from hospital to recovery, from scans and probes, while being violently sick, he has maintained his optimism, humor, concern for others. He has faced this killer and looked it straight in the eye with the same determination that has made him the type of person that so many people admire.

Cameron believes in miracles and knows that he must do all that he can in pursuit of his miracle. Cam’s approach continues to affect many hundreds if not thousands of people directly and indirectly. He is not bitter, blameful, or asking, “why me?” As one physician said, “Cameron you are a diamond, you will never brake that is why you can take a lot of pounding in order to become even more precious….”
To learn more & to help with fundraisers go to:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tiziano Pezzetti will be baptized on November 18, 2007
Roma II
AUGURI Tiziano
Thanks to all who helped him throughout the years!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2008

Cameron's update

His sister Lindsey wrote:

I just posted the details about the next fundraiser this Monday. Please read! PS. Cam had a much better weekend than the last. Things are still rollercoastering, but overall getting better. He's not as nauseated anymore, his back pain has decreased tremendously, his skin color is perfect and he has a lot more strength and energy then he's had in weeks! Togetherwecam!!!

Love, lindsey

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for your love, prayers, faith, support and encouragement, etc. etc.

The last 10 days has been a life time worth of learning experiences. I apologize for not providing an update sooner, I just thought Cam’s challenges would at least level out by now, but they just went into hyper drive. I will try to give you a brief overview.

To start with, the last 4 days (Sat. through now) – Saturday, Cam was receiving IV therapy when he went into severe cramps in his rib cage that sent him to the hospital by ambulance. He had contracted pneumonia and pleurisies. Two hospitals ER’s later lasting through the night we arrived back at therapy Sunday to keep Cam’s homeostasis and immunity system stable. Sunday evening Cam started to internally bleed, back to another hospital ER for a blood transfusion through the night. Monday morning from ER to IV therapy and by 3 p.m. Cam’s feeding tube (GJ – Gastric Jejunum) had stopped working and his abdominal cavity started to fill with fluids that then started to run around the outside of his GJ tube at a rate of soaking up hand towels every couple of minutes. Sunday night Cam was taken ambulatory to the hospital to find out what was happening. After four scans through the night it was determined that the staples attaching his stomach to his abdominal wall had come undone causing his stomach to dump the acids directly into his abdomen, mixed with the ascites that was already “weeping” from his organs and vessels. A few hours ago a new GJ tube was successfully placed and the immediate problem is over.

Now the fight is on with the infection in his abdomen, along with his pneumonia, pleurisies and oh yeah, some cancer.

Cam’s “normal” day is 7-11. Includes IV therapy, paracentesis, thoracentesis, TPN, Antibiotics, homeopathic protocols, IHC home care protocols, etc. etc. I can’t keep Cam’s pace and yet he faces each day with termination, fortitude and an optimistic attitude.

Cam has been faced with several Goliaths and yet each time one comes the Lord places in his sling a little pebble that slays that Goliath. Each time someone turns us away, or can’t find an answer, we are shown another door to go through that contains the answer to the immediate situation.

I could back up and tell you more that happened just prior to the last 72 hours, but I am getting windy and Cam says that I should be done by now.

The bottom line is that we are strengthened each time Cam faces his opponents and rejoice in each day we have with him. These last 10 days have been the most difficult, yet the most sacred and precious that we have ever had and we are pretty sure there are many more ahead. We hope to be learning from this privileged circumstance our family has been provided. Our children have been incredible in ways that are so tender and so needed. Cam teaches us lessons each day. We are humbled by your service and generosities. Time has warped into a moment by moment, hour by hour trek. We don’t know how long it will last, but we do know that we are sustained by our All Knowing Creator and His Will is what matters and it nets down to what He has in mind for Cam. It’s between Cam and Him. We give all the credit to the God’s mercy and grace for allowing us to have the joy of being with Cam. Together We CAM!

With deep appreciation,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

Friday, November 2, 2007

November 6, 2007
By Lindsey, Cameron's sister:
It's been a very tough weekend, with fluctuated pain, emotions and only a few hours of sleep for Cam and the family. Cameron's been in and out of 3 hospitals 4 times these past few days. He was in the most critical condition on Sunday evening, with very little hope because he was having much blood leak out of his feeding tube. Luckily, this bleeding finally stopped and he was omitted to the Utah Valley hospital that evening to have another blood transfusion. He received a good amount to have his energy increase and for his blood and skin color to start circulating again. Cameron's feeding tube has seemed to cause some problems since received about a week ago, but has also been his relief when he becomes nauseated because rather than vomiting he can open up this tube to release the pressure and he can feel a bit better for a short time. Yesterday his feeding tube stopped draining properly and instead started leaking around his incision. He was taken down to Utah Valley again via ambulance and has had some x-rays, 4 ct scans, and some die into his stomach. The x-rays came bake showing that his feeding tube was still working properly and that it must be another situation of why he's leaking around the incision. We're waiting for the doctor to come talk the results as I'm writing this.It's been a very up and down weekend, very emotional, but also very dedicated to continue to fight this rough battle Cameron and we're all going through. Cam's attitude has continued to be great, and he still says, "No matter what, it's still in the Lord's hands" he's right and our family will continue to fight until we have the impression otherwise. It's been an intense roller coaster ride and we can only pray it'll decrease soon.Thank you for all your prayers, fasting, thoughts that have been with Cameron and our family. I ask in this critical time to continue your support to the fullest of your ability. I hope to update soon with better news...with love, Lindsey

Monday, October 22, 2007


A gravesite ceremony was held on
Saturday, October 27, 2007 at the Provo Cemetery
Sorella Fazio is very pleased I am sure,
by all her friends and family who came to
show their love for her and by the beautiful words shared!
Sorella Fazio is the mother of Santa Smith and Flora Lotito. Sorella Fazio is from Bari, Italy, but lived in Provo, Utah as well as South Jordan, Utah, for many years. She spent a lot of time working in the Provo Temple as well as the Jordan River Temple. For those of you who knew Sorella Fazio, we wanted to share this with you:

Her daughter Santa wrote on October 22, 2007:

Dear Friends,

My Mother Sorella Fazio passed away peacefully surrounded by family two days ago near Bari, Italy – she had been affected by lung cancer which was discovered in June. She had been bed ridden since August and faced her terminal illness with fortitude. A funeral was held today (Saturday October 20, 2007-Bari, Italy). Her wish was to be buried next to her beloved Francesco in the Provo, Utah Cemetery.

We are still trying to figure out some logistical details dealing with the transport of her remains overseas. We are tentatively going to hold a gravesite ceremony and dedication on Friday afternoon October 26 at the Provo UT Cemetery. We will communicate more detailed plans as soon as we work out the logistical problems.

We ask that you don’t send flowers. If you wish you could make a donation to offset the significant costs of transporting her body from Bari to Provo or just make a donation to a charity of your choice in her name.

I wrote a little piece about my mom that was read at her funeral. Please circulate the news to all the returned missionaries and friends that knew her.

E' un piacere per me avere l'opportunita' di esprimere alcuni pensieri riguardo a mia madre. Secondo me mia madre puo' essere descritta come una donna di gran coraggio e profonde passioni. Questi aspetti del suo carattere hanno influenzato la mia vita in un modo generalmente positivo. Da quando era bambina mamma ebbe un gran desiderio di imparare. Le piaceva molto andare a scuola e voleva diventare maestra. Il periodo del dopo-guerra in Italia e la posizione socio-economica della sua famiglia le impedirono di realizzare il suo sogno di continuare gli studi. Anche se fu molto rattristata da tali circostanze, non lascio' che il suo desiderio di imparare si spegnasse. Da se' stessa coltivo' e nutri' diversi interessi. Le piaceva molto leggere e quando trovava libri ed articoli che la interessavano, leggeva avidamente le informazioni e le registrava nella sua memoria. Alcuni dei suoi interessi erano l'astronomia, la religione, la musica, le arti, il cucito e piu' tardi la geneologia, l'immagazzinamento del cibo ed il tempio. Il suo esempio inculco' in noi figli una brama di imparare e ci sprono' a coltivare le nostre passioni e talenti. Da quando ero piccola, vedevo spesso in giro libri di astronomia-articoli su nuove scoperte di stelle, pianeti, galassie e costellazioni. A mamma piaceva molto contemplare la maestosita' del cielo notturno e collegava tutto questo alla grandezza di Dio. Lei aveva tanto desiderio di leggere la Bibbia e ne acquisi' una copia appena fu disponibile in Italiano. Lei lesse tutto il Vecchio ed il Nuovo Testamento e ci parlo' spesso delle dottrine ed insegnamenti che imparava. Il suo amore per la musica ha influenzato molto la mia vita. Mi ricordo che lei ascoltava spesso la musica classica, operistica e le piacevano anche le canzoni napoletane. In casa cantava arie operistiche, leggeva i libretti ed anche la vita dei compositori. Amava tutte le arti in generale e ci incito' a nutrire le nostre capacita' artistiche. Le piaceva anche cucire moltissimo. Mi ricordo fili di cotone e pezzettini di stoffa ovunque in casa. Quasi tutti i nostri vestiti furono disegnati e cuciti da lei. Il suo gran coraggio fu dimostrato quando, in circostanze estremamente difficili, abbraccio' con tutto il suo cuore una nuova religione. I sono molto grata per la sua grande dedicazione. Sono anche infinitamente grata per la guida spirituale che ho ricevuto che mi aiutata ad essere forte nelle mie convinzioni. Con mio padre al suo fianco hanno formato una forte unione. Insieme lasciano un esempio indelebile di amore, obbedienza, servizio verso il prossimo, sacrificio ed ospitalita'. Mentre mia figlia Erica ed io eravamo il Italia con mamma, le sentimmo comunicare con gente dall'altra parte del velo. Una volta le chiedemmo se avesse visto babbo. Lei rispose positivamente. Poi le chiedemmo quale fu il messaggio che babbo ci mandava. Lei rispose che c'era qualcuno li' che ascoltava le nostre preghiere. Poi ci disse che il suo desiderio era che la sua posterita' fosse protetta nella luce del Vangelo. Il mio diletto padre lascio' un grande vuoto nella mia vita undici anni fa. Adesso c'e' un altro vuoto. Il mio desiderio e speranza e' che il retaggio dei miei genitori continuera' per generazioni e che la loro posterita' potra' emulare il loro coraggio e rettitudine.

By her son Gennaro Fazio:

Mamma e la Focaccia,

Quando penso a mamma non posso fare a meno di pensare anche alla focaccia. "La focaccia?!" Vi chiederete. Ebbene si la focaccia! Pensateci un po, e chiedetevi questa domanda: chi di voi non ha assaggiato la focaccia di Sorella Fazio? Se facessimo il censimento delle persone presenti qui, una gran parte delle persone alzerebbe la mano ad indicare che ha mangiato la focaccia o qualche altra cosa che mamma ha preparato e condiviso (pasta al forno, lasagna, pizza, biscotti, eccetera eccetera). La focaccia e' un simbolo della generosita' e disponibilita' a condividere di mamma.

Una cosa e' sicura, se entravi affamato a casa Fazio - se c'era lei ne uscivi pieno e a volte strapieno. Mamma era cosi con tutto - se aveva qualcosa e incontrava qualcuno che ne aveva bisogno - non ci pensava due volte a condividerla. Questa generosita mi ricordo gli era stata inculcata da suo padre "nonno Gennaro". L'esperienza della guerra e del dopoguerra hanno anche contribuito allo sviluppo di questa caratteristica Cristiana condivisa nella famiglia Pierro. Questa generosita' si e' magnificata quando mamma ha incontrato la chiesa e si e' ritrovata con una famiglia ingrandita di sorelle e fratelli nel vangelo.

Allora vi rendete conto che quando mamma faceva la focaccia non era per dar da mangiare solo alla famiglia ma anche al vicinato, ai giovani, ai poveri, a tutti coloro che avevano bisogno di sentirsi amati tramite il piccolo gesto della focaccia. Cosi a Mariotto ho avuto spesso l'incarico di distribuire la focaccia ai vicini - e se il destinatario era piu lontano (Bari, Barletta, Bitonto, Terlizzi) allora lei coscriveva mio padre al trasporto dei beni gustosi.

Quand'ero giovane focaccia e pizze a Bari o a Mariotto erano di regola e tante persone (specialmente giovani) hanno ricevuto quella bella accoglienza caratteristica di mamma - hanno trovato in mia madre e nella simbolica focaccia Fazio la ristorazione non solo della fame fisica ma anche della fame spirituale e affettiva.

Capite adesso perche' quando penso a mia madre penso alla focaccia - capite perche per onorare la sua memoria anche noi dobbiamo essere disposti a continuare la tradizione di cucinare e condividere la focaccia.

Sono dispiaciuto di non essere li in persona e spero che comunque sentiate il mio affetto.

Vi mando i miei sinceri e colorosi abbracci e saluti.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

MISSION REUNION October 5, 2007

We missed those who couldn't make it and
had a great time with those who came! GRAZIE!
To see individual photos go to:
CEBO ITALIANO - Che buono!!

Pesto - Grazie Bill BALL!

Cabreze con Mozzorella di Bufalo & Pasta

President Pacini & Ellen and Bill Ball


Monday, October 1, 2007

Friday, April 4, 2008 - 7:00 PM
Salt Lake City First Ward
760 East 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT
Directions: Take I-15 to 6th South in Salt Lake City and exit going east,
turn right on 7th East, turn left on 7th South, church is on the right.
Dress - Sunday best - Refreshments
Friday, October 3, 2008 - 7:00 - 10:00 pm
Presidente & Sorella Pacini's Residence
837 Juniperpoint Court
DIRECTIONS: Take I-15 to 6th South and exit going east, turn left on 4th East. Go all the way to South Temple (as far as you can go). Turn right and go to “E” Street, less than a block away (at the lights) and turn left. Go all the way up the hill to 11th Avenue and turn right. At the next corner, which is "F" Street, turn left. Go to the top of "F" Street (as far as you can go) where there is a black wrought iron gate. Dial 10 and we'll open the gate. Once inside the gate, turn right at the 2nd street, then turn right at the 1st street. Our house is the last home on the right. Please park in GUEST PARKING! There is NO street parking allowed.
If there is no guest parking available, please park outside the gate and walk in.
Turn right at the first street and go up the stairs, we are the first house at the top.
RSVP (if possible) email:
Dress: Casual
Italian Dinner
Children welcome!
by Cameron's sister Lindsey
October 28, 2007

UPDATE ON CAM:Excuse me for this is to the best of my knowledge and terminology, I apologize if it doesn’t make the most logical sense.On Thursday (Oct. 18th) Cam was omitted to the LDS Hospital for an emergency procedure to take place. This procedure’s reason was to unclog the ducts that were causing blockage for his biliruben to work properly and therefore Cam’s skin started to turn quit jontus and his eating habits were not increasing for the best. Friday morning monoscopy practiced this procedure without great success because his tumor has grown significantly. However, there was another way for radiology to make this correct. The next morning (Sat) he was successfully released from radiology with nothing but good news that the procedure had gone well and better than the doctors had belief to expect. Cam now has a tube that drains into a bag every few hours, of junk that his body no longer needs. While at the hospital his pain continued to increase and he was wanting nothing more than to continue taking morphine and dilloted (a drug 10x stronger than morphine), both which would take away his pain but only for a short amount of time. Cameron was not able to drink even a teaspoon of water without throwing up immediately. It only took our doctor and my parents a short while to realize that Cam had never been in this much pain before his procedure and that it’ll only get worse if we continued to just ease the pain. The hospital released Cam on Tuesday and we took him directly to our doctor that has other medical knowledge and beliefs. Within a few hours of shots and treatments, Cam’s pain had completely gone away; he was no longer consistently taking drugs and had drunken 6-8 glasses of water that day with holding most of it down.Thursday (25th) Cam received a blood transfusion of which also went very successful. Cam’s blood is taken every morning and that way we’re able to see the great results that come back every day including his biliruben to continue to go down. His blood levels and markers are so great, except his white blood count of which is fluctuating because of an infection caused by switching his pik line from one arm to the other. Our doctor was heard saying “his blood is better than mine!”Cameron has not felt much better, but in our eyes his skin, energy and attitude continue to be great and on the way to kill this evil.We thank guides, friends, neighbors and all of you that have been a great support in the road we’ve chosen to take. We have no doubt this will be fought be our desires inside, it’s just a matter of time that Cam will be out on the soccer field again playing around with his friends.Much love,Lindsey
October 22, 2007
Cameron's update

Dear Family and Friends,

"Together We CAM" is certainly having positive affects as Cam continues to have new hurdles to overcome each hour of every day. Please know that I am doing my best to understand the medical jargon and please forgive me, especially those who understand the proper terminology and spelling, for my ineptness as I'm trying to capture and understand on the fly from people who are very busy.
As Cam's blood has improved in many ways, his bilirubin, due to the probability of his liver and pancreatic ducts obstruction, has continued to alarmingly rise and has caused increased nausea and his inability to hold down solids and liquids. He has been on TPN (total parenteral nutrition) which is the practice of feeding Cam intravenously, bypassing he usual process of eating and digestion for 9 days. TPN is hard on the system on long.

As the bilirubin has skyrocketed we knew there was an obstruction. We found a physician to order a MRCP (Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography) which is a medical imaging technique which uses magnetic resonance imaging to visualize the biliary and pancreatic ducts in a non-invasive (outside the body) manner. Compared to an ERCP (Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) is a technique that combines the use of endoscopy and fluoroscopy to diagnose and treat certain problems of the biliary or pancreatic ductal systems. It is an x-ray examination of the bile ducts which is aided by a video endoscope. Through the endoscope, the physician can see the inside of the stomach and duodenum, and inject dyes into the ducts in the biliary tree and pancreas so they can be seen on x rays.

As we were able to obtain the order to receive an MRCP on Thursday, we thankfully received the results of the exam back that afternoon. The MRCP showed a high grade of bile obstruction, both located in the common bile duct that sends the toxins from the liver and pancreas down into the small intestine. The great news that the MRCP said is, "ERCP and stenting recommended as clinically warranted." Without the availably of a Gastrointestinal Specialist to help in Utah Valley Thursday night and with Cam vomiting without pause, I took him to LDS emergency room praying that they would take him. I know that there are politicals and "turfing" that takes place between hospitals and the two counties, I knew we needed hearts soften because the LDS hospital has access to all the records for Cam. As Heaven soften hearts and with Cam's serious condition he was readily admitted and the head G.I. physician made room for Cam on Friday (even though he was totally booked) to perform an ERCP with a scope that has the ability to push a "stent" into the closed areas of the ducts. The doctor was able to get through the stomach and up through the common bile duct but was NOT able to get around the tumors in the duct. As Cam said, "no surprise because each time I wake up from a procedure at the hospital it has not been good news."

With the failure to stent the bile ducts, the G.I. physician immediately arranged for an Interventionalist Radiologist to insert through the side of his body and place a catheter from the top down through the liver ducts and down through the common bile duct. The GREAT NEWS is that this procedure was successful, placing an internal/external biliary drainage. Meaning the internal catheter drains into his small intestine in a normal way and that the external catheter will expedite the process and we hope to have it "capped off" tomorrow. This was the first time Cam has woken up to some positive news. The bilirubin in 18 hours has dropped from 6.9 to 3.5 and we anticipate it to fall to under 2.5 or lower by morning. 1.5 is normal. He has some infections that will keep him in the hospital a while longer.

If all goes well, Cam will start a recipe of Chemo treatments perhaps as early as Tuesday and the treatment will be once every 21 days with another component of the chemo taken orally or by pump every day. Meanwhile, we will work on his immune system and overall homeostasis between treatments. Cam will have all of our treatments provided every day in Salt Lake and feel blessed to have a group of physicians that will take Cam on and help him have the best possible odds for survival.

Cam meanwhile is in good spirits, although he is fatigued and sick and tired of being sick and tired. He will use this toward working on getting out of this condition as soon as possible.

We are blessed more than we can imagine. Good people/professionals continue to come into our lives at the very moment of needs. We continue to use all resources possible from western, naturopathic, homeopathic and eastern medicine practices.

We are full of gratitude for each and every moment that we have to enjoy this growth experience with Cam. We pray for and expect for full and complete restoration of Cam's health. Many miracles have taken place and many more will be needed.

We are so grateful to have a knowledge and a solid belief that our Father in Heaven is a God of Miracles and we understand that He can take Cam at any moment in all sorts of ways and we also know that he can cure Cam at any moment in all sorts of ways. It is His Will that we revere and accept….after we have done everything we can. We are optimistic and full of hope and will not stop until this journey is over no matter the outcome.

Humbly, with Love and Appreciation for every waking moment,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family
From Cameron's sister:

Hello everybody! This is Amber Bauerle, Cameron’s older sister. You have probably read my Dad’s email that he sent out last night updating you on Cam’s situation. I first of all want to thank each and every one of you for the love and support that you have shown for my family, this is definitely been the hardest thing that myself or any of my family member’s have ever gone through, and I know that your love and support has helped in so many ways.

This new treatment that Cam is getting is truly what he is going to need to help fight this terrible disease. We felt that it was inspired that we were lead to meet with this doctor. A couple of weeks ago on one particular night I was extremely restless thinking about Cam’s situation, I was on the internet searching and searching for an answer, I didn’t really know what I was looking for, but I felt that there was something else that we were supposed to be doing that we hadn’t done yet. I was in tears and frustrated with not being able to find whatever it was that I was looking for. It was 9:30 p.m. and as I was still searching on the internet when a knock came at my door and it was my Visiting Teachers, I immediately thought it was odd that they would come over so late without any notice, but know now that they were inspired to come that night. After a short conversation one of them started telling me about this Doctor and told me we needed to get Cameron in there immediately, she said if she had cancer she would be at this Doctor’s door step the next morning. People travel all over the world to meet with this Doctor and coincidently she’s 5 minutes from where Dave and I live in Centerville, so Cam if needed can spend some nights at our home as he’s going through treatment.

As soon as they left, I can’t describe to you the peaceful feeling I had. Of course the next morning we called the Doctor’s office to get Cameron in there. Also, something else that I thought was really special, when Cam was getting his first treatment there yesterday, there was another young man getting treatment that had been sent home to die and was 105 pounds when he started getting his treatments there, it was his last hope and he is now 195 pounds and finishing up his last treatments, healthy and strong. When my parents and Cam asked who referred him to the clinic, he told them that President Boyd K. Packer did. I liked hearing this because, that proves to me that even though faith and prayer is the key ingredient to heal Cam we still need to do everything we possibly can in addition to that.

I share that story with you to let you know, that we truly believe that this is what Cam’s needs to be doing right now. Now, this leads me to ask for your help. What my Dad’s email didn’t mention yesterday is that these treatments are a minimum of $3500 every week! It is extremely expensive and insurance will not help with those fees. I am heading up a fundraising effort to be able to allow Cam to continue these treatments – I will do everything and anything necessary to raise funds to pay for this. My siblings and I have already started to put a couple of benefit concerts together (one possibly with Peter Breinholt, who will to donate his time in Cam’s behalf), cook books, etc. I will email you with more details regarding the individual fundraisers.

This first email is to ask two things of you – number one, if you are able to, to donate to Cameron for these treatments, any donation no matter what the size would be greatly appreciated. And number two, I am going to be putting a fundraising committee together to support this cause, Cam could be in treatment for even a year or so, which of course could be around $200,000 for the first year, I am confident that if we put our heads together we can come up with ideas that can pay for these treatments for Cam. I want to hold a meeting for next Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at Fishbowl Inventory, 580 East Technology Ave., Building C, Suite 2500, Orem (call me if you need directions, this is in the Novell Business Park Campus). The purpose of this meeting will be to brainstorm and put some fundraising ideas together. I would like to get a count of people that could come participate in this meeting, so if you would like to be apart of this, please call my cell phone at 801.597.2064 or email me back as soon as possible. We also are already taking orders for recipe books that we are selling that my Mom and Cam have spent the past 6 months putting together, the cost for these is $20 each, and I will send a follow up email with more information regarding them with an order form, etc. Even if you are not able to help financially right now, please come to this meeting with ideas. I am also working on a letter that we can have people take around to companies to ask for tax deductible donations, more of that will also be discussed at the meeting.

If you do want to donate to Cam, below are some of the ways to do so:

1 – Go to any Zion’s Bank and search by Cameron’s name. Or you can do a wire transfer.

2 – You can send a check written out to Cameron Williams and please mail to: Amber Bauerle 455 East 900 South, Centerville, Utah 84014

I look forward to hearing back from any of you as soon as possible that can participate in this meeting next Thursday and help me with some of the fundraisers we are already putting together and of course additional ideas. We will have refreshments there, so please come and feel free to bring any other friends or family that will want to help. Also, thank you in advance for any donations made in Cam’s behalf.

With love and appreciation,

Amber Bauerle
October 22, 2007
Upcoming fund raisers - Cameron's sister

Hello everybody! I again want to thank you all of you for your love and support.

I ordered 1,000 cookbooks last week that will be shipped to me on December 15th. We have sold about 300 so far – which is incredible, and we are so appreciative! There is still more that can be sold though, so if any of you can reach out to your friends, relatives, ward, etc. and pass out the flyers that are attached, I know we can get the rest of these sold!

Also, do any of you have a connection with a high-traffic store or area that we could set up a booth in front of the last 10 days before Christmas? I think we would be able to sell a lot of cookbooks just doing that. Please let me know if you have any ideas regarding that.

Thank you all again!

QUICK FUNDRAISER UPDATE: The Yard Sale this Saturday was a huge success, my sister Lindsey did an incredible job spearheading it! Also, Charisse and a couple of friends were at WhataWomanWantsShow in Logan (we got a free booth) all Friday and Saturday selling the cookbooks, necklaces that my Grandma has made and then taking donations – this also went very well and we are planning to be at the next one this coming weekend in Layton. KBYU is doing a short story on Cam, which is also going to help spread the word of our fundraising efforts. We are working on our website it is under construction right now, but should be up and running very soon. We have a benefit concert this Tuesday in downtown Provo that we are expecting about 200 UVSC students to attend and then also aggressively working on the High School Halloween dance. We also have the Cut-A-Thon coming up on November 5th and then a Polynesian Dance Concert November 12th (I think) and a Christmas Concert/Production November 24th.

Thank you all again for everything!!


Amber Bauerle
October 15, 2007
by his sister Lindsey

Hey everyone, i know it's been a while for an update. Just wanted to quickly say thanks to all those for all the help to raise funds thus far. Cam has been going to treatments for 5-6 days a week in SLC and is up there for 5-10 hours a day, and has been slowly improving in some results. Cam's blood count was at a healthy level, and because of that the cancer literally cannot grow anymore, which is very exciting news. Our biggest concern now is his liver and eating habits. We're trying new things and supposedly it'll help with his appetite and desire to eat. Cam continues to stay positive, and is extremely grateful for all the help and support of his family and friends. He's anxious to get things rolling so he can start eating his favorite lemon cream pie...I'll update again in a few days, thanks for all the generosity, thoughtfulness and help you've all been showing!

Love, Lindsey

IT'S A MIRACLE!! GRAZIE for your prayers!!

October 16, 2007
Cameron William's Update

Dear Family and Friends,

“Together we CAM” is indeed manifesting itself in so many positive ways both seen and unseen.

Last Wednesday, Oct. 10th, Cam received a full body PET/CT scan. Positron emission tomography (PET) is similar to a nuclear medicine scan using an isotope (glucose) which is absorbed by any tumors. In other words, “lighting up” any evidence of cancer. The PET scan was also viewed along side a tomography CT), which was performed on the same equipment without moving Cam. This allows the tumors detected by the PET scan to be viewed next to the rest of the patient's anatomy detected by the CT scan.

We received the results back from this scan and we are extremely relieved that the cancer had not moved up into his lungs or thorax and all the cancer that was throughout Cam’s abdomen and pelvis is NO LONGER PRESENT! Incredible, miraculous, nothing short of a major miracle. Also, his incision from his abdomen being opened up had become very infected has also now been healed!!!!!

Cam’s challenge remains in his liver bilirubin (caused by trauma, blockage, infection, etc.) and is extremely high and causes him to be nauseated nearly around the clock; however, two other key indicators of the liver his ALT and AST have become better and better since they shot up to a high last Wednesday, which seems to be atypical from what very little I know.

The focus now that his overall homeostasis is improving his liver (bilirubin) and focusing on the cancer within his GI track. We are in discussion with the oncologist that first saw Cam to see if he feels comfortable administering Chemo and what the implications are.

Cam is very weak and is using all his reserves to fight the great fight within, vomiting up flam, and handling the constant pain in his back. Because he isn’t able to eat yet, he is being feed intravenously around the clock.

We feel that the “law of the harvest” is bearing fruit in Cam’s life now. By keeping his body undefiled throughout his life, coupled with his personal faith, his body and spirit have deep reserves to handle this incredible force that has hit him. We also know that an “all knowing Creator” has been sending His spirit to comfort us and our Savior the “Balm of Gilead” has continued to heal and enable not only Cam but our entire family. We also continue to be amazed at the love you all offer us.

We truly are on a journey of immense learning opportunities and personal discovery, which is allowing all of us to increase in our empathy for others and hopefully deepening our reservoirs of faith, belief and trust to help others in need.

We are truly blessed and full of gratitude.

With Love and Appreciation,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

October 9, 2007 CAMERON'S update

Dear Family and Friends,

“Together we CAM ” is one of the many meaningful ‘calls to action’ that have been offered by you. The lessons that are being offered to us to learn from, while you and so many others lend your willing, able, and generous strength to “help shoulder our burden” are more profound and difficult, yet humbling and enabling, than we thought imaginable. As Cam puts one foot in front of the other while his body takes two steps forward and one step backward or sidewise is a moment by moment, day by day process. Each day is truly a miracle as Cam wages the battle of and for his life.

One of the great acts of love for Cam has been launched by his siblings (and as many of you know, once our girls and Tanner have put their minds to something they are undaunted). By their own initiative they have turned their energy, which was being exhausted by concern and worry, into positive action by providing for themselves and others opportunities to serve and support not only Cam as well as others that are in similar difficult circumstances. Admittedly as parents we have had mixed emotions and have had another opportunity to learn how to humble ourselves and to learn how to “receive.” Receiving is more difficult for some reason than giving.

We have already witnessed many blessings and miracles in our family. Due to the serious nature of Cam’s condition we have learned as a family in real-time the absolute importance of replacing suffocating fear and hopelessness with complete and sincere faith and trust; coupled with an indefatigable approach to “doing all that we can….”

Cam has had a week mixed with some of the most positive moments, yet with some of the most difficult. Through 5 days of intensive IV Immunization therapy, his liver and bone marrow has kicked into gear in some very key areas (markers) and have started to wage war on the enemy. To have his Red Blood Cells (RBC) in 4 days go from a dangerous mark of 3.47 to 4.01 with 4.10 being “normal” is nothing less than a miracle, truly unprecedented and unexplainable. The doctor even asked the lab to double check the numbers to be sure. Other key indicators that measure the liver’s ability to respond have improved beyond what was even hoped for. Something has kicked-started his liver and bone marrow into action, beyond what even a “healthy” person could do, let alone one that has been debilitated. Truly every day Cam is experiencing miracles. These miracles don’t come without a cost. The intensive IV therapy coupled with trying to eat a strict organic diet when he has no desire to eat or drink and then to keep it down is something that I would not wish on anyone. Some days are better than others. His days are waking, being driven to Bountiful , around 6-7 hours of IV therapy, driving home and trying to eat. He is exhausted by the end of each day, yet he never complains, and has not faltered in his belief and then accompanying effort to be healed. He even does work from the clinic through the miracle of wireless technology and ability to access the company’s server so that he can work on presentations, web development, and other responsibilities he has at work.

Meanwhile Cam ’ abdominal cavity, legs and ankles have continued to gather the fluid (asides) that is weeping from his organs and vessels. In the last 7 days Cam has had 9 liters drained from his abdominal cavity through amino stenthesus (sp?); however, it appears to be slowing down as his system is continuing to receive essential elements that will strengthen him. The toxins are being purged through the blood (sludge), vomiting and bowels.

As a family, we have learned to appreciate and have joy each day for the time that we are able to spend with Cam and feel it is privilege to do so. We truly feel the daily involvement of an All-Knowing Creator directly and through you and others. We are very blessed as a family to have this opportunity in our lives.

Again, words written and spoken can only express the smallest part we feel in our hearts for each of you for the role you are playing in our lives.

With Love and Gratitude,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family
Saturday, October 13th
Tyler Auton's house
745 N University Avenue 9:00 am
Please bring everything you can donate and
if we could have some volunteers about an hour
before to set up that'd be great!
If you need someone to pick up your stuff,
please call Anthony 801-836-2283, he can get it on Friday.
Or call me, Amber Bauerle (Cameron's sister) 801-319-4061
October 1, 2007
Cameron William's Update
Received last night from his father

Dear Family and Friends,

Since my last email, Cam took perhaps a 150 degree “detour”. His back that has been attacked by the cancer has “flattened” him. While he was getting “flattened” his stomach was getting bigger (bloating). For the last three days we have been trying to manage his pain with medicines and attempting to keep some fluid and food in him. Both food and fluid has taken a back seat.

On Tuesday we managed to keep Cam up most of the day visiting with two different Homeopathic specialists and then with a Naturopathic MD, whom we have been highly anticipating meeting with. The Naturopathic MD (NMD) came highly recommended and took us 10 days to get in. Paula, Cam, Amber and I met with her for about an hour and then Amber took Cam to another appointment while Paula and I stayed to ask more and to learn from the NMD her approach and to hear her recommendations.

After much discussion, prayer, and giving us a night to receive some direction, we all woke up Wednesday morning feeling that the NMD was the route to go; coupling her IV Immunization therapy with acupuncture and energy therapy we will prepare Cam’s body for the ability to have Chemo to kill the cancer cells if needed.

So today we began a nearly 7 hour day of Immunization therapy (high doses through Cam’s pick line of amino acids, electrolytes, nutrients, anti-oxidants, anti-viral and anti-bacterial). Cam will be going Monday through Thursday for most of each day. The NMD will mark his blood and then monitor his blood as he heals. Cam is also receiving a PET/CT scan on Tuesday that will give the best picture of where the cancer is. The NMD gave Cam a strict diet of what to eat, when to eat it and how to cook it. While driving home from Bountiful we called the surgeon and asked him to order a radiologist to drain the fluid (ascites) that had “weeped” from his organs and veins and gathered in his abdominal cavity. I told Cam that he will have empathy for his wife when she is six months pregnant. In a matter of an hour the radiologist drained off just over 4 liters of ascites.

Cam can now stand up straight, his belly went from beach ball to nice and flat, he even had an appetite when we arrived home.

He has had a long 4 days; he went to work yesterday and will go tomorrow which is therapeutic for him even though he doesn’t feel well. Getting out and amongst friends in a positive environment is “good medicine”.

We are learning many things, realizing in a real and beautiful way where we stand in terms of our faith, belief, trust and relationship with our all-knowing Creator.

We can’t express enough to each of you our thankfulness for the support we receive from you and the reality that you are carrying and shouldering some of this burden.

Thank you, thank you.

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

Monday, September 24, 2007


Dear Family and Friends,

This past few days Cam is experiencing “a miracle” that has come by way of his faith and optimism and from the power of your collective faith, prayers and love.

He is eating pretty regularly without mishaps and is working hard to drink. He is starting to sleep better although his back is giving him some pain. His incision is healing up nicely and doesn’t need as much energy to recover from it. There are still many foods and drinks that his body does not accept, however, he is increasing in his ability to put and keep foods down. He is taking some supplements to increase his pH level, his immune system, and has a liter of IV that has some vitamins and minerals that he has on an 8 hours drip that he uses through the night. He has a pick line in his arm that he can insert the IV into.

We have researched other “alternative approaches” from hyperbaric oxygen treatment to immunization therapy, both of which have no Western Medicine Science behind them, but they don’t disagree with the approach. Our last meeting will be Tuesday with a MD/Naturopathic physician and then I believe we have run the gambit as far as approaches.

Cam is utilizing acupuncture, electromagnetic therapy, IV during sleep and perhaps “mild” Hyperbaric and not known about the IV therapy that we will know more about this week.

We want each of you to know that you are a part of the fabric that is providing the uplifting holding environment that is lightening our burden.

We love and appreciate each of you.

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We received this email a few days ago from Anziano Cameron Williams dad, he asked us to post it so you can be aware of how Cameron is doing and to ask for your prayers in his behalf! If you would like to contact Cameron here's his email:

From: Dave Williams
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 4:03 PM

Dear Family and Friends,

I know that many of you have called and emailed concerning Cam’s latest condition. First of all however, we want to thank you all for your calls, visits, cards, food and I know he is in your thoughts and prayers. We apologize for not answering all calls and not being able to visit with all who come. We are trying to find the balance for Cam between what is uplifting and what is draining. This goes for his nutrition as well.

Since his incision on August 30th, he has suffered from the energy that it has taken to heal from his incision, let alone his cancer. Tomorrow his 27 staples will come out and I personally believe that this will be a small victory for him and to not have metal staples down the middle of your stomach would make anyone feel better.

On Wed of this week, Cam became violently ill and threw up and had other issues for nearly 24 yours. He was grey and was extremely dehydrated. As a family we decided he needed to get into the hospital. It was around 11 p.m. and I didn’t want him to wait through emergency so I called our surgeon/friend who operated on Cam and asked to have him admitted. It was so right for this to happen and after a blessing he started to become better and the IV gave him his needed fluid (six bags). This also prompted us obtaining “home care” that provided a portal IV that he can insert at night with a slow drip through a pick line that is in his arm continually. We have a good friend and neighbor who is a home care nurse and has been a tremendous aid in understanding how this will work and how to hook it up. Cam learned the first time and it certainly helps him wake up with both physically and mental energy.

Friday, Cam received some acupuncture from a doctor who practices alternative energy healing, who healed my torn rotator cuff without surgery and immediately after 90 mines of being worked on, Cam had an appetite (which he has not had for several days) and was thirsty and has continued to do so, even though its not very much calorically, its better than nothing. He has continued to have some vitality since that experience and even went to his new BYU ward today.

He is being diligent on trying to down fluids that will increase his pH balance to counteract the acid and working on his immune system with high doses of know essential minerals and vitamins.

We know that we are being sustained and strengthened by the many who are seeking a miracle in his behalf. Cam continues to be mentally tough in spite of his body’s condition and we are doing our best to support him without adding the weight of our emotions. We continue to believe in a God of miracles and that faith, obedience to the commandments, and righteous desires proceeds the miracle. If it be the Lord’s will we hopefully will be worthy of a miracle for a worthy young man.

Thanks again to all who are supporting us in this time of need and during a nearly unbearable trail. He hopefully will start working part time in the next couple of days. Fortunately he can do a lot of work from home through a VPN into the servers as Fishbowl.

With love,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

PS Cam just had his staples removed from his surgery and will now be able to start to stand up straighter.