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Thursday, November 15, 2007

About Cameron David Williams
(Dec 9, 1982)

We would like to share a few things about Cameron with you. Cameron is an inspiration to many people. He has influenced people for good from Italy, to Canada, from California to Utah. As one person said, “Cam’s arms reach very far….” He is one of the most positive, spiritual and good people you will ever meet. He is 24 years old and currently a student at BYU, although he has had to postpone school this semester. He has always been an incredible athlete, loves to cook and loves helping others. A four-year high school friend of Cam said, “Cam is the only person I knew in high school that always stood up for what he believes….” Cam is commonly referred to as “hard-working”, “a finisher”, “a friend to those who needed one,” “obedient and honest,” “willing to give anything he had to his friends and family,” “a person of great faith and optimism,” “someone that you could count on”. To his family he is a pillar of strength, leadership and righteousness and most importantly he is deeply loved by his family and that is why his siblings have taken upon themselves a way to serve him and to give a little back to him as he fights truly the battle of and for his life.

Cameron started to have various physical symptoms over a year ago and after countless studies, scans, with an added challenge along the way of tearing his ACL and meniscus, finally was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer or cancer of the stomach. Physicians had not been looking for cancer because Cam is the youngest, at least in the State of Utah, to have this type of cancer and this cancer is very rare. The average age of victims with this cancer is 71 years old. The first visual indicator took place during another endoscopy that located a tumor (adenoma carcinoma) just below his esophagus in the stomach in mid July. A week later an additional endoscopy-ultra sound discovered that his entire stomach was full of the cancer and that it had likely spread into the abdominal cavity.

The only known western medicine procedure at this point was to surgically remove his entire stomach and parts of some other organs, followed by intensive chemo and radiation therapy, yet when Cam was opened up, the surgeon closed him back up and said that there is nothing he could do, the cancer is everywhere. He said, “Cam’s abdominal cavity is like someone took a can of white paint and sprayed it all over everything and on every organ that he could see including up his back. Since this day, Cam has fallen outside known western medicine procedures and protocols and was sent home. Chapter closed!

Obviously this killer inside Cameron didn’t know who it was dealing with. Cameron is a fighter and is convinced that he is going to beat this, but he needs your help. After investigating, meeting with many who have various homeopathic processes, herbs, machines, etc. Cam and his family have found a Naturopathic M.D. who has a private clinic specializing in IV Immunization therapy. This modality has treated and cured many types of cancers, virals, and terminal diseases. His family has felt inspired that this is what needs to be done for him. Once his immune system can be strengthened, Chemo therapy is likely to be the only way to kill the cancer cells. He will be getting treatments directly through an IV line 4 times per week for approximately 6 hours per day, which will bypass his stomach and give his immune system the building blocks with all the cancer fighting agents that he can take in order to defeat this enemy
When Cam first found out he had this rare cancer that had spread throughout his stomach he said, “….this is just a bump in the road, give me three months and I’ll be back…” When the surgeon opened him up and said there is nothing that can be done, Cam said, “at least I’ll still have my stomach when I’m healed…”

Wherever Cam has gone, from hospital to recovery, from scans and probes, while being violently sick, he has maintained his optimism, humor, concern for others. He has faced this killer and looked it straight in the eye with the same determination that has made him the type of person that so many people admire.

Cameron believes in miracles and knows that he must do all that he can in pursuit of his miracle. Cam’s approach continues to affect many hundreds if not thousands of people directly and indirectly. He is not bitter, blameful, or asking, “why me?” As one physician said, “Cameron you are a diamond, you will never brake that is why you can take a lot of pounding in order to become even more precious….”
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