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Monday, October 1, 2007

October 9, 2007 CAMERON'S update

Dear Family and Friends,

“Together we CAM ” is one of the many meaningful ‘calls to action’ that have been offered by you. The lessons that are being offered to us to learn from, while you and so many others lend your willing, able, and generous strength to “help shoulder our burden” are more profound and difficult, yet humbling and enabling, than we thought imaginable. As Cam puts one foot in front of the other while his body takes two steps forward and one step backward or sidewise is a moment by moment, day by day process. Each day is truly a miracle as Cam wages the battle of and for his life.

One of the great acts of love for Cam has been launched by his siblings (and as many of you know, once our girls and Tanner have put their minds to something they are undaunted). By their own initiative they have turned their energy, which was being exhausted by concern and worry, into positive action by providing for themselves and others opportunities to serve and support not only Cam as well as others that are in similar difficult circumstances. Admittedly as parents we have had mixed emotions and have had another opportunity to learn how to humble ourselves and to learn how to “receive.” Receiving is more difficult for some reason than giving.

We have already witnessed many blessings and miracles in our family. Due to the serious nature of Cam’s condition we have learned as a family in real-time the absolute importance of replacing suffocating fear and hopelessness with complete and sincere faith and trust; coupled with an indefatigable approach to “doing all that we can….”

Cam has had a week mixed with some of the most positive moments, yet with some of the most difficult. Through 5 days of intensive IV Immunization therapy, his liver and bone marrow has kicked into gear in some very key areas (markers) and have started to wage war on the enemy. To have his Red Blood Cells (RBC) in 4 days go from a dangerous mark of 3.47 to 4.01 with 4.10 being “normal” is nothing less than a miracle, truly unprecedented and unexplainable. The doctor even asked the lab to double check the numbers to be sure. Other key indicators that measure the liver’s ability to respond have improved beyond what was even hoped for. Something has kicked-started his liver and bone marrow into action, beyond what even a “healthy” person could do, let alone one that has been debilitated. Truly every day Cam is experiencing miracles. These miracles don’t come without a cost. The intensive IV therapy coupled with trying to eat a strict organic diet when he has no desire to eat or drink and then to keep it down is something that I would not wish on anyone. Some days are better than others. His days are waking, being driven to Bountiful , around 6-7 hours of IV therapy, driving home and trying to eat. He is exhausted by the end of each day, yet he never complains, and has not faltered in his belief and then accompanying effort to be healed. He even does work from the clinic through the miracle of wireless technology and ability to access the company’s server so that he can work on presentations, web development, and other responsibilities he has at work.

Meanwhile Cam ’ abdominal cavity, legs and ankles have continued to gather the fluid (asides) that is weeping from his organs and vessels. In the last 7 days Cam has had 9 liters drained from his abdominal cavity through amino stenthesus (sp?); however, it appears to be slowing down as his system is continuing to receive essential elements that will strengthen him. The toxins are being purged through the blood (sludge), vomiting and bowels.

As a family, we have learned to appreciate and have joy each day for the time that we are able to spend with Cam and feel it is privilege to do so. We truly feel the daily involvement of an All-Knowing Creator directly and through you and others. We are very blessed as a family to have this opportunity in our lives.

Again, words written and spoken can only express the smallest part we feel in our hearts for each of you for the role you are playing in our lives.

With Love and Gratitude,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

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