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Monday, October 1, 2007

October 22, 2007
Upcoming fund raisers - Cameron's sister

Hello everybody! I again want to thank you all of you for your love and support.

I ordered 1,000 cookbooks last week that will be shipped to me on December 15th. We have sold about 300 so far – which is incredible, and we are so appreciative! There is still more that can be sold though, so if any of you can reach out to your friends, relatives, ward, etc. and pass out the flyers that are attached, I know we can get the rest of these sold!

Also, do any of you have a connection with a high-traffic store or area that we could set up a booth in front of the last 10 days before Christmas? I think we would be able to sell a lot of cookbooks just doing that. Please let me know if you have any ideas regarding that.

Thank you all again!

QUICK FUNDRAISER UPDATE: The Yard Sale this Saturday was a huge success, my sister Lindsey did an incredible job spearheading it! Also, Charisse and a couple of friends were at WhataWomanWantsShow in Logan (we got a free booth) all Friday and Saturday selling the cookbooks, necklaces that my Grandma has made and then taking donations – this also went very well and we are planning to be at the next one this coming weekend in Layton. KBYU is doing a short story on Cam, which is also going to help spread the word of our fundraising efforts. We are working on our website it is under construction right now, but should be up and running very soon. We have a benefit concert this Tuesday in downtown Provo that we are expecting about 200 UVSC students to attend and then also aggressively working on the High School Halloween dance. We also have the Cut-A-Thon coming up on November 5th and then a Polynesian Dance Concert November 12th (I think) and a Christmas Concert/Production November 24th.

Thank you all again for everything!!


Amber Bauerle

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