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Monday, October 1, 2007

From Cameron's sister:

Hello everybody! This is Amber Bauerle, Cameron’s older sister. You have probably read my Dad’s email that he sent out last night updating you on Cam’s situation. I first of all want to thank each and every one of you for the love and support that you have shown for my family, this is definitely been the hardest thing that myself or any of my family member’s have ever gone through, and I know that your love and support has helped in so many ways.

This new treatment that Cam is getting is truly what he is going to need to help fight this terrible disease. We felt that it was inspired that we were lead to meet with this doctor. A couple of weeks ago on one particular night I was extremely restless thinking about Cam’s situation, I was on the internet searching and searching for an answer, I didn’t really know what I was looking for, but I felt that there was something else that we were supposed to be doing that we hadn’t done yet. I was in tears and frustrated with not being able to find whatever it was that I was looking for. It was 9:30 p.m. and as I was still searching on the internet when a knock came at my door and it was my Visiting Teachers, I immediately thought it was odd that they would come over so late without any notice, but know now that they were inspired to come that night. After a short conversation one of them started telling me about this Doctor and told me we needed to get Cameron in there immediately, she said if she had cancer she would be at this Doctor’s door step the next morning. People travel all over the world to meet with this Doctor and coincidently she’s 5 minutes from where Dave and I live in Centerville, so Cam if needed can spend some nights at our home as he’s going through treatment.

As soon as they left, I can’t describe to you the peaceful feeling I had. Of course the next morning we called the Doctor’s office to get Cameron in there. Also, something else that I thought was really special, when Cam was getting his first treatment there yesterday, there was another young man getting treatment that had been sent home to die and was 105 pounds when he started getting his treatments there, it was his last hope and he is now 195 pounds and finishing up his last treatments, healthy and strong. When my parents and Cam asked who referred him to the clinic, he told them that President Boyd K. Packer did. I liked hearing this because, that proves to me that even though faith and prayer is the key ingredient to heal Cam we still need to do everything we possibly can in addition to that.

I share that story with you to let you know, that we truly believe that this is what Cam’s needs to be doing right now. Now, this leads me to ask for your help. What my Dad’s email didn’t mention yesterday is that these treatments are a minimum of $3500 every week! It is extremely expensive and insurance will not help with those fees. I am heading up a fundraising effort to be able to allow Cam to continue these treatments – I will do everything and anything necessary to raise funds to pay for this. My siblings and I have already started to put a couple of benefit concerts together (one possibly with Peter Breinholt, who will to donate his time in Cam’s behalf), cook books, etc. I will email you with more details regarding the individual fundraisers.

This first email is to ask two things of you – number one, if you are able to, to donate to Cameron for these treatments, any donation no matter what the size would be greatly appreciated. And number two, I am going to be putting a fundraising committee together to support this cause, Cam could be in treatment for even a year or so, which of course could be around $200,000 for the first year, I am confident that if we put our heads together we can come up with ideas that can pay for these treatments for Cam. I want to hold a meeting for next Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at Fishbowl Inventory, 580 East Technology Ave., Building C, Suite 2500, Orem (call me if you need directions, this is in the Novell Business Park Campus). The purpose of this meeting will be to brainstorm and put some fundraising ideas together. I would like to get a count of people that could come participate in this meeting, so if you would like to be apart of this, please call my cell phone at 801.597.2064 or email me back as soon as possible. We also are already taking orders for recipe books that we are selling that my Mom and Cam have spent the past 6 months putting together, the cost for these is $20 each, and I will send a follow up email with more information regarding them with an order form, etc. Even if you are not able to help financially right now, please come to this meeting with ideas. I am also working on a letter that we can have people take around to companies to ask for tax deductible donations, more of that will also be discussed at the meeting.

If you do want to donate to Cam, below are some of the ways to do so:

1 – Go to any Zion’s Bank and search by Cameron’s name. Or you can do a wire transfer.

2 – You can send a check written out to Cameron Williams and please mail to: Amber Bauerle 455 East 900 South, Centerville, Utah 84014

I look forward to hearing back from any of you as soon as possible that can participate in this meeting next Thursday and help me with some of the fundraisers we are already putting together and of course additional ideas. We will have refreshments there, so please come and feel free to bring any other friends or family that will want to help. Also, thank you in advance for any donations made in Cam’s behalf.

With love and appreciation,

Amber Bauerle

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