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Monday, October 1, 2007

October 1, 2007
Cameron William's Update
Received last night from his father

Dear Family and Friends,

Since my last email, Cam took perhaps a 150 degree “detour”. His back that has been attacked by the cancer has “flattened” him. While he was getting “flattened” his stomach was getting bigger (bloating). For the last three days we have been trying to manage his pain with medicines and attempting to keep some fluid and food in him. Both food and fluid has taken a back seat.

On Tuesday we managed to keep Cam up most of the day visiting with two different Homeopathic specialists and then with a Naturopathic MD, whom we have been highly anticipating meeting with. The Naturopathic MD (NMD) came highly recommended and took us 10 days to get in. Paula, Cam, Amber and I met with her for about an hour and then Amber took Cam to another appointment while Paula and I stayed to ask more and to learn from the NMD her approach and to hear her recommendations.

After much discussion, prayer, and giving us a night to receive some direction, we all woke up Wednesday morning feeling that the NMD was the route to go; coupling her IV Immunization therapy with acupuncture and energy therapy we will prepare Cam’s body for the ability to have Chemo to kill the cancer cells if needed.

So today we began a nearly 7 hour day of Immunization therapy (high doses through Cam’s pick line of amino acids, electrolytes, nutrients, anti-oxidants, anti-viral and anti-bacterial). Cam will be going Monday through Thursday for most of each day. The NMD will mark his blood and then monitor his blood as he heals. Cam is also receiving a PET/CT scan on Tuesday that will give the best picture of where the cancer is. The NMD gave Cam a strict diet of what to eat, when to eat it and how to cook it. While driving home from Bountiful we called the surgeon and asked him to order a radiologist to drain the fluid (ascites) that had “weeped” from his organs and veins and gathered in his abdominal cavity. I told Cam that he will have empathy for his wife when she is six months pregnant. In a matter of an hour the radiologist drained off just over 4 liters of ascites.

Cam can now stand up straight, his belly went from beach ball to nice and flat, he even had an appetite when we arrived home.

He has had a long 4 days; he went to work yesterday and will go tomorrow which is therapeutic for him even though he doesn’t feel well. Getting out and amongst friends in a positive environment is “good medicine”.

We are learning many things, realizing in a real and beautiful way where we stand in terms of our faith, belief, trust and relationship with our all-knowing Creator.

We can’t express enough to each of you our thankfulness for the support we receive from you and the reality that you are carrying and shouldering some of this burden.

Thank you, thank you.

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

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