PACINI'S 1999-2002

Monday, October 1, 2007

by Cameron's sister Lindsey
October 28, 2007

UPDATE ON CAM:Excuse me for this is to the best of my knowledge and terminology, I apologize if it doesn’t make the most logical sense.On Thursday (Oct. 18th) Cam was omitted to the LDS Hospital for an emergency procedure to take place. This procedure’s reason was to unclog the ducts that were causing blockage for his biliruben to work properly and therefore Cam’s skin started to turn quit jontus and his eating habits were not increasing for the best. Friday morning monoscopy practiced this procedure without great success because his tumor has grown significantly. However, there was another way for radiology to make this correct. The next morning (Sat) he was successfully released from radiology with nothing but good news that the procedure had gone well and better than the doctors had belief to expect. Cam now has a tube that drains into a bag every few hours, of junk that his body no longer needs. While at the hospital his pain continued to increase and he was wanting nothing more than to continue taking morphine and dilloted (a drug 10x stronger than morphine), both which would take away his pain but only for a short amount of time. Cameron was not able to drink even a teaspoon of water without throwing up immediately. It only took our doctor and my parents a short while to realize that Cam had never been in this much pain before his procedure and that it’ll only get worse if we continued to just ease the pain. The hospital released Cam on Tuesday and we took him directly to our doctor that has other medical knowledge and beliefs. Within a few hours of shots and treatments, Cam’s pain had completely gone away; he was no longer consistently taking drugs and had drunken 6-8 glasses of water that day with holding most of it down.Thursday (25th) Cam received a blood transfusion of which also went very successful. Cam’s blood is taken every morning and that way we’re able to see the great results that come back every day including his biliruben to continue to go down. His blood levels and markers are so great, except his white blood count of which is fluctuating because of an infection caused by switching his pik line from one arm to the other. Our doctor was heard saying “his blood is better than mine!”Cameron has not felt much better, but in our eyes his skin, energy and attitude continue to be great and on the way to kill this evil.We thank guides, friends, neighbors and all of you that have been a great support in the road we’ve chosen to take. We have no doubt this will be fought be our desires inside, it’s just a matter of time that Cam will be out on the soccer field again playing around with his friends.Much love,Lindsey

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