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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

The last 10 days have been in a nutshell “steps forward with fewer steps backward!” We are full of awe, gratitude and excitement.

Cam continues to work around the clock with physical, mental and an iron will beyond his own. We have felt and seen the power of God in very specific ways that are too sacred to share. I’m sure that one day Cam will want to share some of these as he sees fit for they are a testament to all that we have a God of Miracles and He hears and answers prayers.

Since the last email when a good doctor replaced a damage GJ tube, Cam has had to fight the infection from several fronts while battling the cancer. From the gastric acid that poured into his abdominal cavity from the area of his stomach where the old GJ tube had ripped; from the pneumonia and from the pleura cavity that had become infected. Three times infection has been pulled out of his back (thoracentesis) starting from 1 liter, the third time yielded a little over 1/2 a liter. Yesterday there was none evident (big positive!). With the destruction of tumors, blood is lost and therefore Cam has required two more blood transfusions.

Even though many moments have been touch and go as Cam walks “through the valley of the shadow of death, [Cam] has feared no evil”, for God and many Angels both in this world and from God’s presence, have been with him. Cam truly has had a “rod and a staff [to] comfort [him]…. [Cam’s] head has been [anointed] with oil (many times) and his cup runneth over. We have full faith and belief that “goodness and mercy shall follow [Cam] all the days of [his] life…” and that he will be restored to his full physical strength with the added blessing of the wisdom and learning’s that come from this amazing journey.

We see small evidences that Cam’s physical strength is being restored. No weight has been added, but weight depletion has level off.

Some of the miracles that we wish to give all the credit to God for guiding the minds and hands of professionals are:

1. Pneumonia is gone or close to.
2. Pleura fluid (pleurisies) has diminished or is over. Yesterday was the last ultra sound to look for any fluid…none!
3. The asides (weeping) into his abdominal cavity has not occurred for at last the last 10 days. Ultra Sound Technicians have checked to pull some off several occasions. None found!
4. Edema in his legs have fully diminished.
5. Chunks of tumor have continued to be ejected through vomiting, his GJ tube and the bowels
6. Cam yesterday began to attempt to hold down through his mouth 1-2 tablespoons every 20 minutes some fresh carrot/apple strained juice along with some “greens.” Doing pretty good, holding some of it down, rejected the rest while his entire gastric track becomes acquainted with food again. He has gone for nearly 6 weeks without holding down but very few fluids or any type of mild juiced or puréed foods.
7. Cam is still on oxygen, but his lungs are getting stronger.
8. His coloring is beautiful and his alertness is sharp and keen as ever.

Although Cam’s days seem to him much of the same and he wants to “get on with it….” We love this attitude for he is starting take control of his body and as Lindsey said, “Cam, your mind is your medicine.”

We understand to the degree we can, that Cam’s life is very fragile, yet we feel strengthened, enthusiastic and joyful with each positive step forward. Cam has not accepted the prognosis of so many professionals (two separate hospital ER’s) telling him as recently as two weekends ago that, “…your son has less than 48 hours to live…make your plans for his death….” Gratefully, I am sitting beside a very much alive Cameron.

We continue to be humbled by the blessings of life that we receive each day from the hands of our children, extended family and our great friends, but most importantly from our All Knowing, All Loving, God of Miracles.


Humbly and Gratefully,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

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