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Friday, November 2, 2007

November 6, 2007
By Lindsey, Cameron's sister:
It's been a very tough weekend, with fluctuated pain, emotions and only a few hours of sleep for Cam and the family. Cameron's been in and out of 3 hospitals 4 times these past few days. He was in the most critical condition on Sunday evening, with very little hope because he was having much blood leak out of his feeding tube. Luckily, this bleeding finally stopped and he was omitted to the Utah Valley hospital that evening to have another blood transfusion. He received a good amount to have his energy increase and for his blood and skin color to start circulating again. Cameron's feeding tube has seemed to cause some problems since received about a week ago, but has also been his relief when he becomes nauseated because rather than vomiting he can open up this tube to release the pressure and he can feel a bit better for a short time. Yesterday his feeding tube stopped draining properly and instead started leaking around his incision. He was taken down to Utah Valley again via ambulance and has had some x-rays, 4 ct scans, and some die into his stomach. The x-rays came bake showing that his feeding tube was still working properly and that it must be another situation of why he's leaking around the incision. We're waiting for the doctor to come talk the results as I'm writing this.It's been a very up and down weekend, very emotional, but also very dedicated to continue to fight this rough battle Cameron and we're all going through. Cam's attitude has continued to be great, and he still says, "No matter what, it's still in the Lord's hands" he's right and our family will continue to fight until we have the impression otherwise. It's been an intense roller coaster ride and we can only pray it'll decrease soon.Thank you for all your prayers, fasting, thoughts that have been with Cameron and our family. I ask in this critical time to continue your support to the fullest of your ability. I hope to update soon with better news...with love, Lindsey

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