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Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 2, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

The last two weeks have been full of events that continue to show forth the mighty hand of God as Cam continues to face a sophisticated enemy on multiple fronts.

Cam is currently in the hospital after being brought to ER on Tuesday evening. Tuesday at around 5 p.m., Cam’s heart rate shot up to 160 and his oxygen went down to 70. If he had not had someone with him, he would have not had sufficient oxygen to survive. We were able to get him to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and somewhat stabilized. The following morning, Cam had a catheter (chest tube) inserted into the pleural cavity to drain the fluid (full of high grade infection) and air that had gathered, most likely caused from a thoracentesis that was performed early Tuesday morning (it is a risk we run to go after the fluid). Since the placement of the catheter he has had most of the fluid and air removed; however, the part of the lung that should fill that space is contaminated and won’t inflate right now. We will expect another miracle to be administered to fix the lung.

9 days ago, Cam had to have his feeding tube (G tube) fixed and new pictures were taken through endoscopy that showed “normal tissue” at the bottom half of his stomach where the same spots a month earlier were riddled with cancer….Big miracle! Also, he has been able to accept food (juices – apple/carrot, greens) without his body rejecting them….Big Miracle!

Cam has continued to loss weight, but still has good strength and his mental alertness and attitude is undaunted. Some of Cam’s new nicknames are “Iron Will(iams)”, “Braveheart” and “Miracle Man.”

With this new attack upon his lungs we need heaven’s help and the continued goodness, concern, prayers and faith of everyone that we can enlist.

We know that everyday that Cam continues his journey is a miracle and we are expecting more of them. We believe that we should, “….act as though you have already received them [blessings].” We see Cam as fully healed, playing soccer, going to school, having a family and being a tremendous influence for good.

We are continually awed and grateful as to the lessons we are experiencing and hopefully learning from them. We are also indebted to you for your efforts in behalf of Cam in participating in all the cool events and for your generosities. We are completely humbled at the out pouring of love in behalf of Cam and our family. Words can only express the smallest part of the love and gratitude we feel toward all of you.

We hope to bring Cam home tomorrow and that his oxygen uptake continues and his heart rate normalizes.

Together We CAM!

David K. Williams

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