PACINI'S 1999-2002

Monday, December 29, 2008


Joseph, Rosie, Joshua (7), William (4), Elizabeth (18m) – Hong Kong
They continue working and experiencing the ups and downs of life in Hong Kong

Aaron, Shalene, Christopher (2) – Charlottesville, Virginia
While Aaron was interning for the Honorable Judge Leon in the US District Court for DC,
last summer, he was accepted to the University of Virginia School of Law.
Shalene has stayed busy scheduling interpreters for the SSA,
when not chasing after Christopher who knows his numbers and letters, (in sign - language, too).

Jamie, Benji, Kaylie (2), Brinley (10m) (Carrier) – Heber City, Utah
Benji is teaching at the Junior High in Heber City and coaching wrestling & football.
Jamie is busy with the girls & her Mary Kay business, as well as Ward Choir Director.
Kaylie loves everything; Brinley is learning to walk; they both love grandma & grandpa’s.

Ashley – Salt Lake City, Utah
Graduated from Brigham Young University in April, in Media Arts-Film & plans to attend
graduate school next year in Film Studies. Is currently working as a Producers Assistant for the
Churches Audiovisual Department and enjoys the single scene in Salt Lake City.

Brittany – Salt Lake City, Utah
Returned home from her mission to Ecuador in March. She is currently working for the
Veterans Administration and is a volunteer at Peer Court, mentoring youth.

Benjamin – Provo, Utah
Studying hard at Brigham Young University, studying Economics & Business.
Working as an Assistant to a Professor.

Craig, Julie & Chelsea (17) – Salt Lake City, Utah
Craig: Work, travel, CERT trained
Julie: Travel, CERT, Relief Society President,
Chelsea continues her piano lessons and learning new things each day!

Please know of our love for you and for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The Pacini Family

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

We wanted to share with you this email
that we just received from Alberto,
please keep Costanza in your prayers!
Carissimi Presidente e Sorella Pacini,
Salve! Come vanno le cose? Spero molto bene. Ho visto salla pagina della missione il vostro bell'albero di natale. Che meraviglia!
Vi scrivo per chiedervi una cosa molto importante. Come sapete il 29 ottobre (26 giorni fa, se non sbaglio il calcolo) è nata mia figlia Costanza. Fino a giovedì scorso andava tutto bene. Giovedì l'abbiamo portata dal medico e lì hanno scoperto che ha qualche problema al cuore. Non sappiamo ancora quale sia il problema. Dobbiamo fare degli accertamenti per stabilirne la gravità e sapere quale sarà la condotta a seguire: lasciare stare, usare dei medicinali oppure operare. In questi giorni aspettiamo per poter fare quegli accertamenti, che speriamo saranno entro la fine del mese o in linea di massima i primi di dicembre. Nel frattempo vi chiedo di unirvi noi in preghiera affinché Costanza possa guarire e possa andare tutto bene. Siamo consapevoli che comunque vadano le cose si farà la volontà di Dio. E anche preghiamo per poter accettarla se essa non si rivelasse come noi ce l'aspettiamo. Noi preghiuamo per la sua guarigione e confidiamo che le cose andranno per il meglio.
Io so che la fede apre le porte del cielo, non abbiamo visto tanti miracoli accadere?

Grazie e un forte abbraccio di chi vi vuole tanto bene
Alberto (Anz. de Mattos)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We think of each of you when we put up our MISSIONARY TREE!

GRAZIE for giving us such wonderful memories!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

To our dear family & friends,

We write this to you with great excitement and thanks to our Father in Heaven for answering all of our prayers! We were thrilled when we heard the announcement that a Temple will be built in Rome, Italy!

Ironically, we were probably the last to hear about it as we are presently in Indonesia, on the island of Bali. We spent a week with our son Joseph and his family in Hong Kong (where they live). Their children are out of school, so we all came here to Bali for a vacation. It has been wonderful, topped off with this great news!

President Monson made the announcement while we were sleeping and upon waking, Joseph asked if we had heard the news. We didn’t know what he was referring to, he then said that Aaron had emailed us, but we hadn’t checked our emails and then Joseph told us about the news of a Temple to be built in Rome. Craig’s arm went up into the air and he said “YES”! Then we were all filled with emotion as the reality of this news came to us, something we have been praying for for many years, has come to pass! Later, in the evening, we down loaded President Monson’s talk and once again, we were filled with emotions as we heard him announce that a Temple will be built in Rome, Italy!

We are thrilled for the Saints in Italy and know this will be a great blessing to Italy, as well as to the world. This Temple will serve the Italian people and the whole Mediterranean area, as well as the Middle East. Many lives will be touched and blessed because of it!

Since leaving Italy (over 6 years ago) we have seen the spirituality of the Italian people grow, as a Stake was organized a few years ago, and now a Temple will be built in Rome.

We were thankful to all of you who wrote to us and told us of your experience as you heard the announcement. You will eventually receive an email from us, but at the moment I (Julie) am unable to have my emails send out, though I am receiving them. I am not sure what is happening, but know that you will eventually hear from us! Thanks also, to those who called, Ashley and Benjamin told us of the many phone calls!

This is what Barbara Ventura wrote to us about hearing the announcement at church in Rome:

"Sister Pacini...can you believe it? Oh I wish you all could have been here with us...that you could have seen and heard our astonishment turning in joy.. hear the shouting of joy...everyone emotional and smiling and crying...and running out of the room to call on the phones all those that weren't there...I can't express what I felt, I don't know how to explain the heart stop beating and being there in a limbo for what it seemed an everlasting second... and then starting to beat happily crazy...the time it took to be able to breathe again...We have been blessed with the miracle we have been praying for so long...The work of the Lord is going forth and nothing will stop it….Love, Barbara"

Thank you Barbara, it was so fun to read what you wrote and to feel the joy of the Italian members!

Tomorrow we will return to Hong Kong and then we join up with a tour group and go into China for 2 ½ weeks. From there will return to Hong Kong to spend some more time with Joseph, Rosie, Joshua, William and Elizabeth, before returning home.

We are having a wonderful time and seeing the beautiful creations of our Father in Heaven. We are on the island of Bali, possibly the only members of the church here, if there are others they are small in number, we couldn’t find them! There are 3 million people on this small island and I know that Our Father in Heaven loves each of them as much as He loves us. I know that they need the Gospel in their lives and with a Temple now to be in Rome, it is another evidence that the Gospel is going to the world. Someday there might be a Temple here in Indonesia. It is a wonderful thought that there is at this time a Temple in what was once East Germany and there is one in China, Hong Kong. The Lord moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. It is up to us to be good examples and to live the Gospel to the best of our abilities, and then blessings come and touch the lives of the Saints and bless the world!

Lord bless you all and know of our love for you!

julie, craig and chelsea

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Abram Antonucci asks for your prayers:
Recently my father was working construction on his job site and fell off a roof and landed on his neck. Fortunately my brother was nearby and was able to perform CPR and brought him back to life long enough for the paramedics to asssist him and life flight him to a hospital. He received serious damage to his spine and was temporarily paralzed. We still do not the extent of damage. He has some feeling in his legs and can move them a little. The power of the priesthood is responsible for keeping him alive. If you can please let my fellow missionaries and Italian families know of his condition and remember him in their prayers. He is the strongest physical and spiritual man I know and he has a lot to live for. His accident has already touched many lives and will touch many more. His name is John Anthony Antonucci, he is a son of Italian immigrants to this country. He will walk again.
Abram Antonucci

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anziano Nathan Scott Von Niederhausern

12/30/1977 ~ 8/29/2008 Nathan Scott VonNiederhausern, 30, a remarkable young man, was called home early, Aug. 29, 2008, after a courageous battle with unexplained lung cancer. He was born December 30, 1977 in Salt Lake City, UT to Richard Scott and Esther Sharp VonNiederhausern. He was raised in West Jordan, UT and graduated from West Jordan High School. He was an active member of the L.D.S. Church throughout his life. Fulfilled a mission 1997-1999 to Rome, Italy. He was currently serving as Elders' Quorum President in his ward. Worked for Otto Bock Co. Married Kristy Carlile March 23, 2001 for time and eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. Nathan was a quiet, unassuming, gentle, kind, friendly person, quick to learn and willing and ready to serve others. He was a good-natured tease with a great sense of humor. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping, reading, building things for his family, artistic painting, and, most of all, spending time with his wife and two sweet sons. He was an Eagle scout who lived the scout oath, slogan, laws, and motto to a "t" and endured nobly until the end. He was certainly always prepared in life and for death as well. He had a strong testimony of the Plan of Salvation and of the Savior Jesus Christ. He is survived by his loving wife, Kristy, sons Casey (3) and Clayton (1), his father and mother; brothers and sisters: Bryce (Karlene), Bountiful, UT; Anthony (Lauri), Logan, UT; Cameron, and Melissa (Peter) Houston, West Jordan, UT; LaDawn (Jeffrey) Vermeeren, Calgary, Canada; Kristy's father and mother: Lonnie & Sue Carlile; and her brothers and sisters: Carie (Chris) Landell; Kale (Jennifer) Carlile; Ken (Kim) Carlile; and 20 nieces and nephews who will miss Uncle Nate. Funeral services will be held Wed. Sept. 3rd at 11 a.m. at the Hillsdale LDS Ward building located at 3175 S. 3450 W. where a viewing will be held 9:45 -10:45 a.m. prior to the services and Tues. night 6-8 p.m. Burial will be in the Taylorsville Cemetery located at 4500 S. Redwood Rd. In lieu of flowers, contributions could be made at any Zions Bank location in his name. GOODBYE, NATHAN, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL EXAMPLE. WE LOVE YOU.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Melody (Spackman) & Dallin Hardy
Baby Elizabeth was born August 10, 2008
She weighed 7' 12" and was 20 in. long.
Alfonso and Natasha Lazara
Baby Christopher was born July 2008

Saturday, August 9, 2008


We thought we should write a little something about those of you who travel to Italy. Many have written to us for names/phone numbers/emails of members who they can stay with while visiting in Italy. Our recommendations are that if you have friends in Italy, please contact them directly. If you don't have anyone to contact, please stay in hotels or rooms. It wouldn't be appropriate for us to suggest people for you to stay with, if you don't know them! The majority of the members homes are small and finances can be tight! The mission home is NOT a hotel, thus not a place for former missionaries to stay, not to mention the Mission President's busy schedule and his families right to privacy!
When you do travel to Italy, have a WONDERFUL time and give our love to all!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Alfonso Lazara, who served from 2000-2002 is trying to locate his trainer - Shawn Miller, if you know how to contact him, please let me or Alfonso know or have Shawn contact Alfonso. His contact information is on the right side under Missionary Blogs. GRAZIE!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Once again we heard GOD'S APOSTLES bear their testimonies!
ENJOY this beautiful presentation:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 6, 2008
Vienna, Virginia
It was so nice to see those who came!
We had a nice time together, just visitng and
remembering those great times in Italy!
So, can you find:
Bryan Whitchurch; Ben & Leticia Watson;
Hollie Pollan & friend Jozsef; Chris Patton?
We love spending time with our former missionaries,
catching up on their lives!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

APRIL 4, 2008
We had a wonderful time of visiting, sharing what is going on in our lives as well as what is happening in Italy. It is always great to share those great moments we shared together in the land we love, ITALY!
Those who came, see if you can find them (not all photographed)
Travis & Natalie Clemens; Kellen Boswell; Adam Evans; David & Heather Mason; Vince, Alie & Italo Bongioanni; Travis & Amber Stephens; Roberto Deni & family; Max Willis; Giulia (Petrollini), Daniel Rogers & girls; Gary, Trisha & Olivia Cloward; Brad Zupancic; Jason & Lisa Couraud & girls; David Freestone; Samuel Haas; John Rains & fiance' Catherine (to be married May 30th);
Cristian Rastelli
Cristiana, Silvio & Sarah Spinelli

Monday, March 24, 2008

Neil & Kelley Johnson on the birth of their first baby boy
Zachary Neil Johnson
March 16, 2008 at 6:53 p.m.
Weighing in at 7 lbs and 19.5 inches long
Baby and mom are doing well!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Brian & Amy Christiansen

Samuel Howard Christiansen
Born February 20, 2008
Weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz.
Measured 19.5 inches long
Big sister Ellie is being a good little helper with Samuel!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Organization of the Verona Stake and
re-organization of the Venezia Stake

Date : March 2, 2008

Verona Fair complex meeting hall. A separate section and translation were provided for all English-speaking attendees.

Attendance: 1050

Presiding Authority
Elder Francisco J. Viñas, First counselor in the Europe West Area presidency

Other attending authorities: Elder Luigi Peloni, Seventy area representative for Italy; Venezia Stake presidency (Bellini, Marcantonio, Tonoli), Milano Stake presidency (Gessati, Botta) Trieste District presidency (Marchi, Bressan, Duca); J. Scott Dunaway, president of the Italy Milan Mission : LeGrand Curtis, Jr. and Felice Lotito, former presidents of the Italy Padova Mission; Loris Chiesurin, counselor in the Italy Milan Mission

Conducting: Mario Bellini, president of the Venezia Stake

Elder Viñas explained the decisions approved by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve as follows:

Organization of the Verona Stake
Closing of the Como and Trieste Districts Boundaries changes for the Milano and Venezia Stakes The Parma branch is absorbed by the Reggio Emilia branch The new Bologna ward absorbs the Ferrara branch The Gorizia branch absorbs the Monfalcone branch

New Wards: Bologna, Como, Pordenone 1, Pordenone Servicemen and Trieste.

The Venezia stake will comprise the following wards: Bologna, Mestre, Padova, Pordenone 1,Pordenone Servicemen and Trieste along with brances for Gorizia, Treviso, Udine, Vicenza and Vicenza Servicemen.

The Verona Stake will include the following wards: Bergamo 1, Bergamo 2, Brescia, Modena, Verona , along with branches in Bolzano, Bussolengo, Mantova, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Trento.

New Venezia Stake presidency: Loris Chiesurin, Marco Pagnin, Massimo Franchi

Verona Stake presiency: Massimo Botta, Leonardo Tonoli, Nicola Castiglio.

New Elders: Ascione Maurizio, Mangano Manuel, Massimo Cascone, Diego Volpe, Jonathan Sowa, Enrico Curzola, Sillo Felice Cabillas, Luca Carlo,
Marco Ammon Botta.

New High Priests: Daniel Del Vecchio, Stefano Dall'Antonia, Mario Fossa,
Matteo Mallari.

New Bishops: Stefano Dall'Antonia (Pordenone 1), Dary Micheal Skousen (Pordenone Servicemen), Daniel Del Vecchio (Bologna),
Aldo Fragiacomo (Trieste)
Please mark your calendars for this show
this is the last fundraiser for Cameron – I know he would want those seats filled. Tickets are available at
Cam was so excited about this show – he wanted to be there so badly and I know that he will now. You know that he would want those seats filled!

Peter Breinholt Benefit Concert for Cameron Williams
Event Date: Saturday, March 8, 2008 at 7:00 pm
Facility: Timpview High School

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scott and Elisa Smith on the
birth of their newest little one:
Lord bless you all!!
To see photos and learn more click on
Anziano, Smith Scott 2000-20002
under mission list on the right!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


La cerimonia d¹inaugurazione del Palo di Verona ( Il 6º palo in Italia) sarà
tenuta domenica 2 marzo 2008, alle ore 10:00.

Presso il Centro Congressi Verona Fiere. (situato all¹interno del quartiere fieristico nella periferia sud della città a soli tre km dal centro storico. Uscita Verona sud)

La riunione sarà presieduta dall'anziano Francisco J. Vinas, della Presidenza dell'Area Europa Ovest.

Preconferenza alle ore 16:00 presso la chiesa in via Luzzati. Il palo di Verona è il sesto palo italiano e si aggiunge ai pali di Milano, Alessandria,Venezia, Roma e Puglia.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


On behalf of the Rome Italy stake, I express our sincere condolences to the family, and our deepest gratitude for Elder Williams' divine work during his mission service in Italy.
Looking at what he did and reading about the example he has given in facing the illness with such a positive and faithful attitude, we bow our heads in due respect for the sweet spirit that this sad experience has brought in the lives of all that knew him and in ours.
We can all certainly learn from such a divine Christlike example of faith and love. We pray for him and his family.
We will miss him.


Massimo De Feo
Rome Italy Stake President
We never met Elder Cameron Williams, however, because he served in the Rome Mission as we did, he was always in our daily prayers that we continued to offer for all missionaries who worked and are still working in that special and so loved part of the Lord's vineyard.
Now, the Lord's plan is including Elder Williams in His work behind the veil, where he will surely continue to be true and faithful in all things.
We pray for having enough courage and strenght to persevere in keeping our Covenants and deserve to meet him one day at the Celestial Presence of our Heavenly Father, together with all those are near and dear to us.

President and Sister Pasta
Cameron David Williams 1982 ~ 2008
Cameron David Williams, our dearly loved son, brother and friend, was set free from the bonds of mortality, Saturday, February 16th. He was born, December 9th, 1982, in Orem, Utah.Cam was victorious in life and was received by his Maker who gave him life. He is in a state of happiness, a state of rest, a state of peace, where he has respite from all the tubes, catheters and illness that tried to hold him down. He thirsts no more, he is no longer tired, he hungers no more, he runs, he walks, he is laboring and doing whatever is required of him, he is full of life, full of energy, and he is enjoying the presence of his ancestors and his Heavenly Father. Though his passing is devastating to us, we were granted a gift of six additional months that were beautiful and sacred. As his family, we feel cherished and blessed by our association with so great a man. Cam was dubbed at an early age by his siblings as "the perfect child." Indeed, he kept his religious covenants, honored his priesthood and fulfilled his roles, responsibilities and stewardships with great vigor. Cam took on a vicious foe in gastric cancer with all his heart, might and mind. His faith in Jesus Christ and in His enabling Atonement, coupled with the aid of non traditional and traditional medicine, gave him power to wage battle daily and to defy all medical laws. He handled this burden with dignity and grace. He kept his body and spirit undefiled and thus received the blessings of physical, emotional and spiritual strength, stamina and peace. Cam was a generous person and a friend to all, particularly to those whose hands hung low. Cam loved life and all the good things that were offered. He served an honorable and focused L.D.S. mission in the Italy, Rome Mission. He was entering his senior year at BYU. Cam has left a legacy in his short 25 years of love, honor, service and friendship to those who had the good fortune to know him. Cam had long arms and touched so many. Cam made a difference for good in the world and blessed the lives of countless people along his mortal sojourn. We join our hearts with those of you who knew him in bidding him a fond farewell and "we'll see you soon." Cam is survived by his parents David and Paula Williams; his siblings, Amber (David) Bauerle, Lindsey, Charisse and Tanner and his little nephew, Corbin; his grandparents, Shirley Williams, Paul and Alice Mann; along with many uncles, aunts and cousins. Funeral services will be held, (possibly closed casket), Saturday, February 23rd, 2008, at 11 a.m. with visitation two hours prior at the Provo Sharon East Stake Center, 1060 East 2500 North, Provo, UT. An "open casket" viewing will be held at 6 p.m., Wednesday, February 20th, 2008, at the Sundberg-Olpin Mortuary, 495 South State Street in Orem. Interment will be in the East Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Provo.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Dear Family and Friends,

With heavy hearts we inform you that our valiant son passed away this morning at 7:19 a.m. after battling to the end. He left this estate to the next without pain and with dignity. All his family was by his side through the events of the last 24 hours.

We know that Cam is thrilled to be free from all the tubes, catheters and cancer. He is probably right now going around meeting all his ancestors and having an extraordinary experience. We know he is in a better place. We will be forever indebted to you for your prayers, faith, kindnesses and support. Cam was victorious! We were granted both quantity and quality time battling with and serving Cam.

Funeral service will be arranged shortly. We are most likely looking to Friday as the day of funeral….a day to celebrate Cam’s life. We will follow up with more details as we make them.

With love and gratitude,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cameron Williams' dad;

Dear Family and Friends,

Due to God’s grace and mercy and by virtue of everyone’s personal and collective heart felt petitions to our Creator, Cam is still fighting with all his heart, mind and spirit. He has ups and downs while he is on life support. Due to a great physician at the hospital who has and is doing everything in his power, utilizing the talents and resources at the hospital, coupled with his compassion, Cam has still a chance to get strong enough for the ventilator and the continuous dialysis to be eliminated. Cam is remarkably without pain….an absolute “tender mercy” from our Savior. As his faculties become more awakened he is more uncomfortable nearly continuously and needs constant movement, adjustment, rubbing. His pneumonia and lung capacity has not improved a great deal the last few days, due mostly to his absolute lack of any energy reserves. His liver is still in high distress and his abdominal fluid has become hardened, encapsulating all his organs and his kidneys are not functioning. Every day Cam becomes an even more perfect recipe for God’s Grace to grant a miracle if it His will. All He would need to do his touch Cam and he would be completely healed.As all of his family surrounded him last night and was massaging him, stretching his limbs, rubbing his feet, sharing events in their lives, all the sudden Cam feebly started to point at everyone and after guessing for many moments what he wanted us to do, one of his siblings finally said, “Do you want us to leave….” He shook his head emphatically up and down. We got a chuckle out of this and we left him for the night.We remain optimistic, hopeful, exercising as much faith as we know how to, trying not to let all the tangible evidences break us. No man can take our hope away. Our family is being strengthened to handle our circumstance.Cam just needs a special pebble to nail this goliath between the eyes. We are waiting upon the Lord to provide this pebble.With hope and gratitude,

David K. Williams

Friday, February 8, 2008

Benefit concert for Cameron Williams:

Hello everyone!

As some of you know I am putting together a benefit concert to help raise money for Cameron. The concert is March 8th at Timpview High School and will feature:

Peter Breinholt (one of Cam’s favorite artists)
Sam Payne
Joshua James
Mckay Stevens

All of the artists are donating their time 100%, which we are so grateful for. I need a few things from you:

Please put this date on your calendar – I really want to fill the seats!!!! Show will start at 7:00 p.m.
I am going to need a lot of help with advertising – I am getting fliers printed next week and need help putting them all over BYU and UVSC apartments, also hanging posters at stores, etc.

And the last thing I ask of you, which could really help this cause is to find some sponsors for the event. We will be printing around 8,000 fliers that will have all of the sponsors on them, also at the concert; there will be a big poster or two showing who is sponsoring the event.

This is an excellent way to even bring in more money before the concert even takes place. I know there are many companies that would consider spending even $250 towards something like this. I know each and every one of you could find 1 or 2 companies that would love to sponsor. Since we are printing next week, I would need an email back from you with the company logo as soon as possible as you find any sponsors. I would like the minimum sponsor amount to be $250.

Please, please help me with this – I know we can make this effort the most successful fundraiser yet. Even if some of you students went door to door to some companies, I know you will find sponsors! Or think of family, friends or anybody that works somewhere that could sponsor. $250 (or more) is not a lot to ask a company, but could add up quickly for us. I did this in High School to raise money for my dance team, and raised $3,000 just by telling companies that we will put their logos in our program. You can also tell them that Timpview seats 1,480 people, so there should be many people that will see that they have sponsored the event. I will also mention all of our sponsor names on stage before or during the show as the artists are setting up.

I really hope to hear from all of you soon with your lists of sponsors!!!! The fund has been dry for almost a month and I want so badly to relieve this financial burden from my parents as much as possible as they are paying out of pocket around $8,000 a week! And remember, I’m not asking for your personal donations, but your help with gathering others.

TogetherweCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to hear back from you ASAP!!!

Amber Bauerle

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

since thur. Cam has had some small improvements such as his heart is at a healthier rate, his blood pressure has been great, and his oxygen is slowly getting better although fluctuating along the way. the last few labs have shown that his biliruben and other liver markers have become stronger and are heading in the right direction. Cam's been building his own blood (RBC) the last few days as well as his (WBC) white blood count decreasing which is a great thing.the last couple of days his body has had a hard time releasing fluid normally and therefore he's become incredibly swollen. the doctors came to the conclusion that his kidneys are having a hard time and last night attempted to inject him with something to release the fluid. they tried this twice without any success. so the other alternative now is Cam will be immediately put on dialysis this morning. meaning another catheter will be placed so his kidneys can become stronger and function properly before they fail. we must pray that this dialysis will help him and that he'll only be on it temporarily until his body is working to his greatest capacity again.please, please continue to keep him in your hearts and prayers. he's come too far to not continue to be blessed with,lindsey

Monday, February 4, 2008

UPDATE Monday, February 4, 2008
From Cameron's sister:

As soon as we thought life couldn't get anymore scary, Cam aspirated and started having a hard time breathing on Thursday night... his oxygen slumped and he was luckily a block away from a hospital to be rushed and to have a ventilator inserted.after a couple of hours of him being stable they life-flighted him to the ICU at Utah Valley. Since then he's been under a doctor endorsed coma or in other words highly sedated so that he doesn't have the reflex of gagging his ventilator or ripping his NG (nose) tube out.Cam's had another catheter placed on him, a new pick line on his neck, and another blood transfusion since Thursday. The doctors have been running a very successful oxygen program that they've seen many positive results with. Cam will remain sedated until his body is cooperating and able to again breath on his own. The doctors have already seen great improvements with him since the first day he was admitted to ICU.We continue to be optimistic, because there's absolutely no reason to be otherwise. We are completely aware of his critical stage and we are aware of the odds that we're up against, but Cam has had SO many miracles and beaten hundreds of odds so far, so why would we expect otherwise?Some of you have asked if Cam's been in pain, or perhaps may be wondering if this is what Cam wants, 'to keep fighting!" absolutely it is. Cam was asked just days ago, if he could have one wish or to be anywhere in the world where that would be and he said, "here at the doctors, to keep fighting"Cam has never ever said anything close to wanting to give up, or why me? Miraculously throughout this whole experience Cam has only had some small pain. It's come and gone a few times, but it's always been tolerable, or fixed by priesthood blessings. I hope you all know Cam's desire to live is just as strong as my family's. We have not pushed him to do more than he's wanted, and for those of you that know him, you know he'd surely let us know if he were to want to give up. He's stubborn, he's always had his own opinion and there's nothing that's ever come out of his mouth other than he wants to fight.Please continue to pray that he'll become stronger and be healed.Thank you for all the prayers, hope and love... keep it coming.L, L

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I imagine he's running to Marjorie now,
Yes, running, not waving his cane.
I see him embracing his father and mother
While they keep repeating his name.
I see him now meeting his forebears,
Brother Brigham and Joseph are there.
Sweet reunion of prophets, united by service
That only such noble men share.
I see him embraced by the Savior
While Father says, 'Good and well done.
So faithful in stalwart endurance, I welcome
My noble, most excellent son.'
I then hear the ripples of laughter
As he says the reception's just fine,
But he hopes that he'll get an assignment or two
Since there's no need to waste any time.
I can hear his clear voice in the stillness
At the close of this sweet Sabbath day,
Have faith and move forward — there's work to be done.
President Hinckley would want it that way.
Anna M. Molgard January 27, 2008
From: Maurizio Angius []
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2008 1:23 AM
Subject: Richiesta digiuno e preghiere

Cari fratelli e sorelle, vi chiedo di pregare, durante questo digiuno, per Antonio Mameli, un nostro amico di Aritzo che ieri è stato investito dalla caduta di un grosso albero in montagna. Antonio lavora per l'Ente Foreste della Sardegna e, nel momento dell'incidente, stava operando sulle montagne sopra Aritzo. Dopo un lungo e difficile soccorso è stato trasferito all'ospedale di Nuoro con l'eliambulanza. Vi chiediamo di pregare anche per la sua famiglia, la moglie Anna ed i quattro figli. La famiglia di Antonio sta ricevendo i colloqui missionari.Ringrazio sin d'ora tutti coloro che vorranno unirsi a noi nella preghiera e nel digiuno per la famiglia Mameli.

Maurizio Angius

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday, January 31, 2008
From his sister Lindsay...

Many of you may have heard that Cam is in critical condition and fighting for his life hour by hour. He’s extremely weak and has been a bit delirious the last couple of days, but has continued to hold on…Yesterday and night was extremely scary and we didn’t know if he’s was going to make it or not. His biliruben has only been climbing for the last 3 weeks and therefore has taken every ounce of energy from him that he can hardly even talk.Although we’re not even close to out of the dark I wanted to share with all of you that because of the many prayers, thoughts, support and help that have been in his and my family’s behalf that his biliruben has come down 3 points since yesterday and a few other markers we look for have become healthier today. This is truly a miracle and nothing else. Thanks for all your support, and continuous curiosity on how Cam’s doing. I don’t mind talking about it, so feel free to ask details anytime. L,L

Friday, January 25, 2008


Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for your earnest prayers and action in behalf of Cam particularly these last couple of days. Cam’s been is in an extremely dangerous part of his journey with his liver in deep distress. His GJ tube (feeding tube into his stomach) also tore away. We had that replaced this morning. The GI doctor who has been helping Cam since his diagnosis said after the new tube was placed… “by the grace of God the new tube was placed and fasten securely with even a deeper penetration of the J tube into his small intestine…”

Cam was then ushered to Radiology to see once again if there was any blockages of the liver drainage system that could be unobstructed. The Interventional Radiologist was able to place a larger catheter into Cam that created a higher volume of drainage from his hepatic biliary drainage system.

We now hope and pray that the bilirubin will start to move in a positive direction. Today the bilirubin was the same as it was on Wed….big blessing…it could have jumped higher! Other liver markers improved (Alk Phos, ALT, AST, Albumin, etc.) We now prayerfully and humble plead with the Master Physician that the bilirubin will follow the other markers in a positive direction.

Thank you all for supporting Cam and us in this extraordinary journey.

With Love and Apperception,


Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

Cam’s liver output called “bilirubin” is 20 times what normal is. We need a miracle to relieve him of this poison that is being held up in his liver. It needs to be begin to subside today. We need all your collective prayers and support in Cam’s behalf. We believe that the Lord’s touch can heal all ailments completely at anytime.

Thank you in advance.

With love and appreciation,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Latest update on Cameron Williams, received Wednesday, January 16th:

Dear Family and Friends,

After the last update Cam received some additional challenges. He’s been in the hospital 5 times in the last 8 days. He’s been blessed to have an additional catheter placed into his liver to allow the other part of his liver to receive relief that the first catheter was not relieving. All the other times at the hospital had to do with a variety of issues, bless his heart, I will spare you the details. It seems that the Lord’s plan for Cam’s journey must have additional challenges. Each time Cam gets knocked down, some believing he cannot rise, he does. He struggles to stand and then puts one foot in front of the other.

The main challenges the last couple of weeks have to do with his liver functions. Cam’s liver has been full of debris (bilirubin) yet his liver functions have remained fairly strong with some of the most important liver indicators spiking up. Cam became very juntas a little over a week ago, so all hands have been on deck and around the clock work to help his liver become relieved. We gathered as a family last Saturday in the hospital with Cam knowing how serious the challenge was, yet as we prayed and talked and after Cam received a priesthood blessing, we all felt calm. We didn’t have any answers nor where there western medicine options available. Cam was also hit with a major infection again in right lung.

Today Cam received a mighty miracle from the Master Physician who with His touch granted Cam some relief of his liver debris and his blood results have confirmed this. Truly a miracle has been performed once again for Cam.

Cam “Iron Will”iams’ has covered a great part of his journey which has been formidable. He has, I’m quite sure, many more serious obstacles that he will face on his journey. He has been sustained by the love and support of family and friends. He is no doubt being carried by our Savior, who by the touch of his finger can heal Cam completely. We have faith that He will.

Thanks to all of you for your quiet support, love, acts of kindness in our behalf. We wouldn’t wish this upon anyone and yet we wouldn’t trade the precious, sacred opportunity to serve and support Cam.

Please know that we love and appreciate each and everyone of you more than you know. We look forward to the time we can take pause and express to each of you how we feel.

With deep appreciation,

Dave, Paula, Cam and Family
Ciao tutti,

We were gone for the holidays, spending Christmas in New Zealand with my mothers family and then New Years with my fathers family! It was wonderful seeing family and friends and taking 3 of our children (Ashley, Benjamin and Chelsea) to the land of my birth. They loved it and enjoyed meeting family. Ashley was amazed at how many family we have there! One nice thing is that they are just leaving spring with summer just around the corner, which was great. On our way home we spent a few days with friends (President & Sister Ardern) in Fiji, nice and hot there! Our friends, we'll he's the Mission President of the Fiji Suva Mission. Visiting with them brought back a lot of feelings and thoughts of our mission that we served with you! We are now home, so sorry for any of you who have written over the past little while! We hope you had a wonderful holiday time and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!

Sorella Julie Pacini (Presidente, too)