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Friday, February 8, 2008

Benefit concert for Cameron Williams:

Hello everyone!

As some of you know I am putting together a benefit concert to help raise money for Cameron. The concert is March 8th at Timpview High School and will feature:

Peter Breinholt (one of Cam’s favorite artists)
Sam Payne
Joshua James
Mckay Stevens

All of the artists are donating their time 100%, which we are so grateful for. I need a few things from you:

Please put this date on your calendar – I really want to fill the seats!!!! Show will start at 7:00 p.m.
I am going to need a lot of help with advertising – I am getting fliers printed next week and need help putting them all over BYU and UVSC apartments, also hanging posters at stores, etc.

And the last thing I ask of you, which could really help this cause is to find some sponsors for the event. We will be printing around 8,000 fliers that will have all of the sponsors on them, also at the concert; there will be a big poster or two showing who is sponsoring the event.

This is an excellent way to even bring in more money before the concert even takes place. I know there are many companies that would consider spending even $250 towards something like this. I know each and every one of you could find 1 or 2 companies that would love to sponsor. Since we are printing next week, I would need an email back from you with the company logo as soon as possible as you find any sponsors. I would like the minimum sponsor amount to be $250.

Please, please help me with this – I know we can make this effort the most successful fundraiser yet. Even if some of you students went door to door to some companies, I know you will find sponsors! Or think of family, friends or anybody that works somewhere that could sponsor. $250 (or more) is not a lot to ask a company, but could add up quickly for us. I did this in High School to raise money for my dance team, and raised $3,000 just by telling companies that we will put their logos in our program. You can also tell them that Timpview seats 1,480 people, so there should be many people that will see that they have sponsored the event. I will also mention all of our sponsor names on stage before or during the show as the artists are setting up.

I really hope to hear from all of you soon with your lists of sponsors!!!! The fund has been dry for almost a month and I want so badly to relieve this financial burden from my parents as much as possible as they are paying out of pocket around $8,000 a week! And remember, I’m not asking for your personal donations, but your help with gathering others.

TogetherweCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to hear back from you ASAP!!!

Amber Bauerle

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