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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday, January 31, 2008
From his sister Lindsay...

Many of you may have heard that Cam is in critical condition and fighting for his life hour by hour. He’s extremely weak and has been a bit delirious the last couple of days, but has continued to hold on…Yesterday and night was extremely scary and we didn’t know if he’s was going to make it or not. His biliruben has only been climbing for the last 3 weeks and therefore has taken every ounce of energy from him that he can hardly even talk.Although we’re not even close to out of the dark I wanted to share with all of you that because of the many prayers, thoughts, support and help that have been in his and my family’s behalf that his biliruben has come down 3 points since yesterday and a few other markers we look for have become healthier today. This is truly a miracle and nothing else. Thanks for all your support, and continuous curiosity on how Cam’s doing. I don’t mind talking about it, so feel free to ask details anytime. L,L

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