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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


On behalf of the Rome Italy stake, I express our sincere condolences to the family, and our deepest gratitude for Elder Williams' divine work during his mission service in Italy.
Looking at what he did and reading about the example he has given in facing the illness with such a positive and faithful attitude, we bow our heads in due respect for the sweet spirit that this sad experience has brought in the lives of all that knew him and in ours.
We can all certainly learn from such a divine Christlike example of faith and love. We pray for him and his family.
We will miss him.


Massimo De Feo
Rome Italy Stake President
We never met Elder Cameron Williams, however, because he served in the Rome Mission as we did, he was always in our daily prayers that we continued to offer for all missionaries who worked and are still working in that special and so loved part of the Lord's vineyard.
Now, the Lord's plan is including Elder Williams in His work behind the veil, where he will surely continue to be true and faithful in all things.
We pray for having enough courage and strenght to persevere in keeping our Covenants and deserve to meet him one day at the Celestial Presence of our Heavenly Father, together with all those are near and dear to us.

President and Sister Pasta

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