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Monday, February 4, 2008

UPDATE Monday, February 4, 2008
From Cameron's sister:

As soon as we thought life couldn't get anymore scary, Cam aspirated and started having a hard time breathing on Thursday night... his oxygen slumped and he was luckily a block away from a hospital to be rushed and to have a ventilator inserted.after a couple of hours of him being stable they life-flighted him to the ICU at Utah Valley. Since then he's been under a doctor endorsed coma or in other words highly sedated so that he doesn't have the reflex of gagging his ventilator or ripping his NG (nose) tube out.Cam's had another catheter placed on him, a new pick line on his neck, and another blood transfusion since Thursday. The doctors have been running a very successful oxygen program that they've seen many positive results with. Cam will remain sedated until his body is cooperating and able to again breath on his own. The doctors have already seen great improvements with him since the first day he was admitted to ICU.We continue to be optimistic, because there's absolutely no reason to be otherwise. We are completely aware of his critical stage and we are aware of the odds that we're up against, but Cam has had SO many miracles and beaten hundreds of odds so far, so why would we expect otherwise?Some of you have asked if Cam's been in pain, or perhaps may be wondering if this is what Cam wants, 'to keep fighting!" absolutely it is. Cam was asked just days ago, if he could have one wish or to be anywhere in the world where that would be and he said, "here at the doctors, to keep fighting"Cam has never ever said anything close to wanting to give up, or why me? Miraculously throughout this whole experience Cam has only had some small pain. It's come and gone a few times, but it's always been tolerable, or fixed by priesthood blessings. I hope you all know Cam's desire to live is just as strong as my family's. We have not pushed him to do more than he's wanted, and for those of you that know him, you know he'd surely let us know if he were to want to give up. He's stubborn, he's always had his own opinion and there's nothing that's ever come out of his mouth other than he wants to fight.Please continue to pray that he'll become stronger and be healed.Thank you for all the prayers, hope and love... keep it coming.L, L

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