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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cameron Williams' dad;

Dear Family and Friends,

Due to God’s grace and mercy and by virtue of everyone’s personal and collective heart felt petitions to our Creator, Cam is still fighting with all his heart, mind and spirit. He has ups and downs while he is on life support. Due to a great physician at the hospital who has and is doing everything in his power, utilizing the talents and resources at the hospital, coupled with his compassion, Cam has still a chance to get strong enough for the ventilator and the continuous dialysis to be eliminated. Cam is remarkably without pain….an absolute “tender mercy” from our Savior. As his faculties become more awakened he is more uncomfortable nearly continuously and needs constant movement, adjustment, rubbing. His pneumonia and lung capacity has not improved a great deal the last few days, due mostly to his absolute lack of any energy reserves. His liver is still in high distress and his abdominal fluid has become hardened, encapsulating all his organs and his kidneys are not functioning. Every day Cam becomes an even more perfect recipe for God’s Grace to grant a miracle if it His will. All He would need to do his touch Cam and he would be completely healed.As all of his family surrounded him last night and was massaging him, stretching his limbs, rubbing his feet, sharing events in their lives, all the sudden Cam feebly started to point at everyone and after guessing for many moments what he wanted us to do, one of his siblings finally said, “Do you want us to leave….” He shook his head emphatically up and down. We got a chuckle out of this and we left him for the night.We remain optimistic, hopeful, exercising as much faith as we know how to, trying not to let all the tangible evidences break us. No man can take our hope away. Our family is being strengthened to handle our circumstance.Cam just needs a special pebble to nail this goliath between the eyes. We are waiting upon the Lord to provide this pebble.With hope and gratitude,

David K. Williams

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