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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Organization of the Verona Stake and
re-organization of the Venezia Stake

Date : March 2, 2008

Verona Fair complex meeting hall. A separate section and translation were provided for all English-speaking attendees.

Attendance: 1050

Presiding Authority
Elder Francisco J. Viñas, First counselor in the Europe West Area presidency

Other attending authorities: Elder Luigi Peloni, Seventy area representative for Italy; Venezia Stake presidency (Bellini, Marcantonio, Tonoli), Milano Stake presidency (Gessati, Botta) Trieste District presidency (Marchi, Bressan, Duca); J. Scott Dunaway, president of the Italy Milan Mission : LeGrand Curtis, Jr. and Felice Lotito, former presidents of the Italy Padova Mission; Loris Chiesurin, counselor in the Italy Milan Mission

Conducting: Mario Bellini, president of the Venezia Stake

Elder Viñas explained the decisions approved by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve as follows:

Organization of the Verona Stake
Closing of the Como and Trieste Districts Boundaries changes for the Milano and Venezia Stakes The Parma branch is absorbed by the Reggio Emilia branch The new Bologna ward absorbs the Ferrara branch The Gorizia branch absorbs the Monfalcone branch

New Wards: Bologna, Como, Pordenone 1, Pordenone Servicemen and Trieste.

The Venezia stake will comprise the following wards: Bologna, Mestre, Padova, Pordenone 1,Pordenone Servicemen and Trieste along with brances for Gorizia, Treviso, Udine, Vicenza and Vicenza Servicemen.

The Verona Stake will include the following wards: Bergamo 1, Bergamo 2, Brescia, Modena, Verona , along with branches in Bolzano, Bussolengo, Mantova, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Trento.

New Venezia Stake presidency: Loris Chiesurin, Marco Pagnin, Massimo Franchi

Verona Stake presiency: Massimo Botta, Leonardo Tonoli, Nicola Castiglio.

New Elders: Ascione Maurizio, Mangano Manuel, Massimo Cascone, Diego Volpe, Jonathan Sowa, Enrico Curzola, Sillo Felice Cabillas, Luca Carlo,
Marco Ammon Botta.

New High Priests: Daniel Del Vecchio, Stefano Dall'Antonia, Mario Fossa,
Matteo Mallari.

New Bishops: Stefano Dall'Antonia (Pordenone 1), Dary Micheal Skousen (Pordenone Servicemen), Daniel Del Vecchio (Bologna),
Aldo Fragiacomo (Trieste)

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Steven C. said...

Regarding the new Venezia Stake Presidency, does anyone know if Massimo Franchi is from Pomigliano D'Arco (NA) originally? I knew a Massimo while I served as a missionary in the 80's.