PACINI'S 1999-2002

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Abram Antonucci asks for your prayers:
Recently my father was working construction on his job site and fell off a roof and landed on his neck. Fortunately my brother was nearby and was able to perform CPR and brought him back to life long enough for the paramedics to asssist him and life flight him to a hospital. He received serious damage to his spine and was temporarily paralzed. We still do not the extent of damage. He has some feeling in his legs and can move them a little. The power of the priesthood is responsible for keeping him alive. If you can please let my fellow missionaries and Italian families know of his condition and remember him in their prayers. He is the strongest physical and spiritual man I know and he has a lot to live for. His accident has already touched many lives and will touch many more. His name is John Anthony Antonucci, he is a son of Italian immigrants to this country. He will walk again.
Abram Antonucci

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Amberli said...

Ciao Pacini Family! I am so sad to hear about this. Do you have any contact information for Abram?
Amberli Roper McCoy