PACINI'S 1999-2002

Monday, December 7, 2009

There are many "Mormon Myths" going around right now, about the Temple in Rome! Please be very careful what you forward on to others!
2 December 2009


Many of you have received various e-mails describing inspirational events relating to the establishment of the temple in Rome. While the basic spirit of those e-mails is correct (i.e., that the hand of the Lord is guiding every aspect of the project), there are several inaccuracies that I should correct.

Specifically, none of the Catholic leaders we met said "We will support you in any effort you want because of your support of Proposition 8 in California." Not only does the Catholic Church have no official decisional role with regard to the Rome temple, it has not made any commitment of support, whether because of Proposition 8 or otherwise.

What is true is that at the reception in Rome in January 2009 (where we fortuitously met Catholic leaders), there were several Catholic officials who were aware of the Church's work in California on Proposition 8 and who thanked me as a representative of the Church for that good work. They were grateful that the Church and its members had acted so vigorously and well in defense of our common principles. Indeed, since then it has become clear that the Church has obtained greater credibility and respect worldwide because of what our members did in California. That valiant work has opened doors of cooperation with other faith groups and like-minded organizations that has already benefited the Church.

There is no question that the Lord's hand has been evident at many stages of the temple project in Rome, from the initial purchase of the property many years ago, to the necessary rezoning that occurred last year, to our smooth dealings with the city of Rome this year in seeking building permissions, to our encounters with Cardinals and others within the Catholic Church who have been respectful and interested. It has been a faith-building privilege to participate in and to share some of the details of that process.

But please keep in mind that our efforts to obtain the necessary building permissions within the Rome City Administration have not come to full fruition and remain at a delicate stage. Consequently, we need to be cautious and judicious when we discuss what is happening there and should take care not to spread incorrect information.

I wish you all the Lord's continued blessings as we participate together in this great work.

Respectfully, John Zackrison

John A. Zackrison
Area Legal Counsel - Europe (2005-2009)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Elders and Sisters,

As another holiday season begins, we express to you once again our gratitude for the association we share having served the Lord together in Rome. Sister Pacini and I hope that as you hear of progress being made by the Church in Italy, and especially as the Rome Temple moves forward, that you will realize that you were a part of this great work – an important part!

During the Thanksgiving period I had occasion to telephone President DeFeo, the stake president in Rome. He indicated that while significant progress is being made in obtaining the necessary approvals to commence building the temple, the building permit process is not complete. As you can imagine for any city of over 5 million inhabitants, the city must take many aspects of a major construction project into consideration prior to giving its approval. President DeFeo indicated that all the members of the Rome Stake have been asked to include the temple approval process and those so involved in their fast for December. Evidently additional meetings and work will be scheduled during December and the Lord’s help will be greatly needed. Sister Pacini and I have invited our family and friends to participate in this fast as well. As fellow laborers, we extend that invitation to you and those that you feel would find this a meaningful event to participate in. We also remind you to thank the Lord for all His help to this point. Without His direct intervention, we would not be seeing the great strides that are being made.

You may also hear many faith promoting stories about the progress of the temple. I would suggest that unless you hear those directly from the person involved or a member of the First Presidency in a public forum, that it is better to keep the warm feelings such accounts give us to ourselves and not pass them on. It is always easy to have a story change as it is passed along, and we would not want to embarrass anyone or otherwise slow down the work unintentionally. Knowing by the Spirit the Lord is pleased to build a temple in Rome is really the only thing we need to dwell on right now.

President DeFeo shared that the most recent stake conference in Rome was a great spiritual feast for all that were involved. In addition to the spirit that was present in all the meetings, he felt particularly grateful for the many new families that have joined the Church in the last six months and those that have come back into activity. He said that almost every ward and branch has had full families and others either come into the Church or back into activity or both. What a great report and tribute to those missionaries currently serving together with all the local leaders and members.

President DeFeo also indicated that he has seen the plans for the temple and that they are beautiful. He is not at liberty to share them at this point, but once the city and the area presidency have given their approvals he will share the plans with all of us unless the Church has made them publically available through some other means. He also expressed his thanks for the many prayers which continue to be offered for him, the other local Church leaders, and those involved in granting the approvals. Isn’t it wonderful how the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ can give us common purpose in a world that is so filled with division and strife?

Please know that you each remain in our prayers. We pray especially at this time of year, that despite the trials of life, that this Christmas season will bring you great joy as we each reflect on the eternal blessing which Christmas helps us remember –

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)

Our love and best wishes to you all.

President and Sister Pacini

"Cari Fratelli e Sorelle,
Vi ringraziamo per le continue preghiere in ogni occasione come richiesto dall'Anz.Oaks, e per i digiuni di tutti, al fine di aprire i cuori dei governanti per favorire la costruzione del Tempio di Roma. Questi sono tempi di grandi miracoli per noi tutti mentre vediamo il Regno di Dio avanzare, e siamo invero testimoni di come il Signore operi direttamente con piccoli mezzi per far avverare grandi miracoli. Siamo felici di poter dire apertamente che i cuori si stanno davvero aprendo e che questi sono giorni di miracoli. Come preannunciato durante la recente conferenza di palo chiediamo a tutti i santi del Palo di Roma di unirsi ancora in un digiuno speciale in occasione della prima domenica di digiuno di Dicembre e di dedicarlo all'edificazione del Tempio di Roma. Chiediamo ancora una volta di esercitare una fede possente come santi e di essere uniti in questo sforzo spirituale.

Noi testimoniamo che il Signore ascolta le preghiere di tutti e che e' pronto a riversare le piu' grandi benedizioni secondo la nostra fedelta' e obbedienza. Possiamo noi offrire il meglio di noi stessi al Signore cosi' che Egli possa benedirci con il meglio delle benedizioni che ha preparato per noi tutti".

La Presidenza del Palo di Roma

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We had a great time! Lots of people and lots of babies!
Nicole & Heston Williams; Todd & Cindy Chaston; Maria Branolo
Beautiful children! Nicole & Heston Williams;
Todd & Cindy Chaston; Maria Branolo
Elisa & Scott Smith; Kellen Boswell; Adam Evans; Ellen Ball
Julie Curtis Sebresos; Mary Jones Scoresby; Jamon & Staci Andelin;
Tyler Sebresos; Ana Maria Garces; Isabella Pilar; Abe Antonucci
Sarah Antonucci; Natalie & Travis Clemens; Alicia O'Neil;
Paul & Melissa Huff; Julie & Ryan Holbrook; John Jett
Bill Ball
Nate & Cortney Clegg; Heston Williams; Todd Chaston; Bill Ball; Chelsea Pacini
Natalie & Travis Clemens; Alicia & Brock O'Neil
Having fun in Chelsea's Harry Potter closet!
Jamon Andelin; Jose Merino; Ab Antonucci; Tyler Sebresos; Sarah Antonucci

Jon and Mary Scoresby & children
Julie & Tyler Sebresos; Ana Maria Garces; Isabella Pilar;
John Jett; Ab & Sarah Antonucci
Ana Maria Garces & friends from Italy
Bill Ball; Ana Maria Garces & friend from Italy who joined the church 1 year ago, Fall of 2008
Ellen Ball, LOVE those glasses!
Craig Pacini; John Jett and son
Nicole & Heston Williams & Craig Pacini
Craig Pacini; Travis & Natale Clemens
Craig Pacini; Julie & Tyler Sebresos & sons
Staci & Jamon Andelin; Craig Pacini
Craig Pacini; Scott & Elisa Smith & children
Ryan Holbrook; Craig Pacini & Julie Pacini & Brinley; Julie Holbrook & sons
President Craig Pacini, Bill Ball, Ellen Ball, Julie Pacini & Brinley
Craig Pacini; Ana Maria Garces; Isabella Pilar; Maria Branolo; (visitors from Italy)
Julie Pacini & Brinley
Craig Pacini; Alicia & Brock O'Neil & sons; Julie Pacini
Craig & Julie Pacini, Carrie Garfield Merino, Jose Merino & their little one
Craig Pacini, Todd & Cindy Chaston; Julie Pacini
Craig Pacini; Sarah and Ab Antonucci & children; Julie Pacini
Julie & Craig Pacini; Nate & Cortney Clegg & children
Julie & Craig Pacini; Paul & Melissa Huff & son
Craig & Julie Pacini; Kaylie & Brinley; Erin & John Langford
Craig Pacini; Kellen Boswell; Julie Pacini & Brinley
Craig Pacini; Adam Evans; Julie Pacini & Brinley

Friday, September 4, 2009


There will be a Special Fast on Sunday, September 6, 2009
ALL are invited to join!!
Pray that things will go smoothly and well as the
Temple in Rome goes forward!
To see the letter President Pacini wrote, join:
Italy Rome Mission - Presidente Pacini 1999-2002 on Facebook.
It is in the Discussion Board - English and Italian.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We had pizza with Sorella Kirsta Kent, so fun!
July 11, 2009
Benjamin, Krista, Ashley, Chelsea, Brittany & Presidente
It was so great to be with Krista!
We highley recommend Settebello
260 South 2nd West Salt Lake City, Utah!!
Presidente, Krista & me

Saturday, April 11, 2009


This has been a long and difficult week for many! May the spirit of Easter touch all of our hearts! May we be grateful for all we have, particularly for our Savior Jesus Christ and all He has done for each of us! HAPPY EASTER! Thank you, Loredana, for taking the letters to the families in L'Aquila! They continue to be in our prayers!

Questa è stato un lungo e difficile settimane per molte! Ci auguriamo che lo spirito della Pasqua toccherà tutti i nostri cuori! Possiamo essere grati per tutto quello che abbiamo, in particolare per il nostro Salvatore Gesù Cristo e tutto ciò che ha fatto per ciascuno di noi! BUONA PASQUA! Grazie, Loredana, si prendono le lettere al famiglie a L'Aquila. Continuano ad essere nelle nostre preghiere!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

L'Aquila, Italy - Earthquake Fund

We want to thank you all for your kindness, concern and willingness to help those who have been affected by the L'Aquila earthquake. The church is very involved (as they always are) in helping those who have lost their homes and other personal things. After communication with the local priesthood leaders, we have been counseled that the best way for you to help would be to donate money on Sunday, in your ward/branch, on a regular Donations Slip. Place the contribution under OTHER and write 'L'Aqulia, Italy - Earthquake Fund'. Any donations other than money would be difficult to get into the area right now, but with the money, local leaders can purchase the items that are needed! Please continue to keep Italy in your prayers, together with missionary work, the building of the Rome Temple and for those in L'Aquila! Lord bless you all and GRAZIE! President & Sister Pacini

Vogliamo ringraziare tutti voi per la gentilezza, la preoccupazione e la volontà di aiutare coloro che sono stati colpiti dal terremoto a L'Aquila. La chiesa è molto impegnato (come sempre) per aiutare coloro che hanno perso le loro case e altre cose personali. Dopo aver communicato con i dirigenti locali si raccomanda che il miglior modo per aiutare sarebbe donare soldi attraverso il proprio rione/ramo uttilizando il cedolino (donation slip) normale per le offerte. Dove il cedolino permette la possibilita’ donare ad una cosa speciale in fondo, si scrive “L’Aquila, Italy – Earthquake Fund.” Con il denaro i dirigenti del sacerdozio possono acquistare cose necessarie e consegnarle direttamente ai bisognosi. Vi preghiamo di continuare a preghare per l'Italia, il lavoro missionario, la costruzione del Tempio di Roma e per quelli a L'Aquila! Possa il Signore benedirvi sempre! GRAZIE! Presidente & Sorella Pacini

Da Giuseppe Pasta

Madrilena ed io siamo appena tornati da una visita al tempio svizzero di Berna. Durante questi giorni tutti i presenti hanno sempre pregato per il popolo dell'Abruzzo, e noi abbiamo ricordato in particolare i nostri fratelli e sorelle che si trovano in difficolta'. Io ho diretto tre sessioni di endowment e nel corso della preghiera all'altare ho pensato intensamente a loro con tanto amore. Giuseppe Pasta

Da Loredana De Feo...

Ciao a tutti, questo gruppo è veramente bello. Oltre ad essere un punto d'incontro per gli ex missionari ed i membri che hanno nel cuore il ricordo di quel periodo, si è mostrato tanto utile in questi ultimi giorni, a causa di quello che stà avvenendo all'Aquila. Voi avete potuto avere informazioni utili, e noi abbiamo sentito il vostro sostegno e le vostre preghiere. Voglio anche ringraziare quanti di voi mi stanno inviando le e-mails che domenica darò alle famiglie Hibo e Melone. E' una piccola cosa, ma sono certa che vedere che sono nel cuore di tante persone darà loro più forza.
Un saluto a tutti

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


If you want to write a message to the Hibo & Melone families, send it to Loredana De Feo at, she'll print it and give it to them!

Se volete scrivere un messaggio alle famiglie Hibo & Melone, invia a Loredana De Feo:, le darà a loro.

A visit to L'Aquila

Da Loredana De Feo:
Volevo dirti come è andata la visita a L'Aquila. Le figlie di Hibo e Melone sono state felicissime di vedere Denise e Dalila, hanno passato del tempo insieme, hanno mostrato dove dormono, mangiano, la doccia ecc.tutto nelle tende. Gli hibo vanno a casa per prendere qualcosa ma è pericoloso. Le ragazze sono state felici dei regalini che Denise e Dalila hanno preparato per loro, erano serene. Denise è rimasta molto colpita da come stanno affrontando questa situazione, del fatto che la notte del terremoto, le ragazze dell'Aquila fossero preoccupate per quelle di Roma, infatti Arianna Hibo ha telefonato a Denise quella notte per essere sicura che stesse bene. Sono giovani speciali, hanno un grande amore l'una per l'altra, e sono grate, nonostante tutto, di come è andata. Un grande esempio da piccole donne.

From Loredana De Feo:
I want to tell you how the visit to L'Aquila went. The daughters of the Hibo's & Melone's were thrilled to see Denise & Dalila. They passed the time together, showing where they sleep, eat and shower, etc. everything's in the tent. The Hibo’s go to their house to get some of their things, but it is dangerous. The girls were happy with the gifts Denise and Dalila brought them, they are calm. Denise was very impressed by how they are addressing this situation, the fact that the night of the earthquake, the girls form L'Aquila were worried about those in Rome, infact, Arianna Hibo called Denise that night to be sure that everything was ok. These young people are special, they have great love for one another, and are grateful, nevertheless, of how things went. They are a great example of little women.

Scrivi una lettera alle Hibo o Melone famiglie...leggere qui di seguito...Write a letter to the Hibo o Melone below...

Se volete scrivere alle famiglie Melone o Hibo, si prega di leggere qui di seguito:

From Loredana De Feo:Ciao julie, non ricordo se ti ho detto che ieri alcuni fratelli sono andati a L'Aquila a portare tende, sacchi a pelo ecc. Oggi andranno Max e Dario (Presidente Massimo De Feo & Dario Vardeu) con Denise e Dalila che sono amiche delle figlie di Melone e Hibo. Le ragazze stanno portando libri, giochi con le carte, quaderni, colori, musica...per intrattenerle. Credo che dom. prox Pasqua staremo con loro, io stò preparando qualcosa di personale per le due sor. come articoli della Liahona, altri articoli che posso trovare su internet, in un plasticfolder, pensavo che se tu o altri volete mandarmi una lettera per loro, la famiglia Hibo e Melone, posso stamparla e metterla lì. Il mio indirizzo email è:

If you would like to write to the Hibo or Melone families, please read below:

From Loredana De Feo:Ciao julie, I don’t remember if I told you that yesterday some brothers went to L’Aquila and took tents, sleeping bags, etc. Today Max & Dario (Massimo De Feo & Dario Vardeu) with Denis & Dalila who are friends with the Melone & Hibo’s daughters, they took books, card games, notebooks, colors, music ... for entertainment. I think that next Sunday, Easter, we are going to be with them. I am preparing personal things for the 2 sisters, articles from the Liahona and other things I can find on the internet that I will put in a plastic folder, I would think that if you and others want to write a letter to them, the Hibo and Melone family, I can print it and give it to them . My email is:
From Michele Calabrese:
Ciao Julie, this morning I heard brother Melone and Annamaria Hibo. They are ok. They also are grateful for the bretheren that yesterday went to L'Aquila to bring something necessary for this period of time. Today I know that Pres. De Feo e Brother Vardeu and their daughters are in L'Aquila to bring some comfort to them. I gave my help to have their daughters to my place but they said no because their daughters don't want to leave their parents.
All of them are in our prayers like your family and all the members in the world.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Luana Prestanzio Morgan & Bruna Marazzi

Rachel Cope sent me:

Hi Julie, I haven't been able to get a hold of Luana, but I spoke with Aaron Morgan's motherand she let me know that Luana's family is all OK. Please pass along.

Also, Jackson Ogden spoke to Bruna today, saying that they were fine, I'm going to try and get Bruna in the morning.

GRAZIE e tutti per le vostre preghere!

Many have contacted us about how they can help with those affected by the earthquake in L'Aquila, Italy. We are in contact with Presidente DeFeo, The Rome Stake Pesident. Church leaders and Stake leaders are meeting together and putting together something that the Italian Government will allow and we'll let you know as soon as we hear something! GRAZIE for your willingness to help! Another earthquake just hit L'Aquila 5.7, a few minutes ago. Please continue to keep them in your prayers!

Molti hanno avere contatto con noi su come si può aiutare con le persone colpite dal terremoto in L'Aquila, Italia. Siamo in contatto con il Presidente DeFeo, Pesidente dal Palo di Roma. Le delegente della Chiesa e si sono riuniti con le delegente del Palo, sono insieme e mettere qualcosa che il Governo consentono per noi di fare, cuando sapiamo, ti faremo sapere. GRAZIE per la vostra disponibilità ad aiutare! Un altro terremoto ha colpito L'Aquila 5.7, alguni minuti fa. Vi pregiamo di continuare a tenerli nelle vostre preghiere!
Some of you have asked about Luana Prestanzio Morgan and her mother Bruna Marazzi, I messaged Italo Panone about them, he sent me this:
Dear Sister Pacini,
Many thanks for your answer. Tomorrow morning I will be in Aquila and meet with our Brothers and Sisters, see if and how we can help.Today we had other severe earthquakes in all the region. People sleep in cars or in other possibilities given by the authorities. In my village they don't have water to drink. All shops are closed. As announced by authorities, it seems that there is actually no end to these earthquakes.Tomorrow I will get news from Luana and her mother.
Italo and Maria Rosa
Dear Sister Pacini,
Here is my report: President Angelo Melone and his family lost completely their home. President S.P.Hibo has big damages in his house, they slept in their car because the earthquake continued strong even tonight. Brother Bruno Diodato and family left their home and are in another town. Brother Custode, responsable for Missionary work in L'Aquila, left his home with all the family.Yesterday I had to flee myself with our cat, because our house is very damaged, and I am actually here in Rome with my wife Maria Rosa.Tomorrow I will be back in L'Aquila to meet with the others and see what we can do and help the people there.The Church in L'Aquila is very damaged. The Elders are all O.K.
I will keep you posted.
Italo and Maria Rosa

Monday, April 6, 2009

From the current Mission President in Rome: President Acerson
Just wanted to reassure everyone that missionaries and members are safe in L'Aquila although there is much damage from the eathquake that happened early this morning. Will keep you posted.
From Loredana DeFeo: We just learned that the roads are reopened. All Members in L'Aquila have found accommodation, the family Hibo chose to stay there, and remain together. We are talking with the family Melon, they too have chosen the same thing. They prefer to be assigned a tent, we respect their choice. We are ready to go. Thank you for your prayers.

Abbiamo appena saputo che le strade sono riaperte. Tutti i membri a L'Aquila hanno già trovato una sistemazione, la famiglia Hibo ha scelto di restare lì, e di restare tutti insieme. Stiamo parlando con la fam. Melone, anche loro hanno scelto la stessa cosa. Preferiscono farsi assegnare una tenda, rispettiamo la loro scelta, siamo pronti a partire. Grazie per le vostre preghiere.
Many have contacted us wanting to know what we know about the earthquake that hit L’Aquila, Italy, last night. We have been in contact, throughout the night with members in the Rome area. I have been sending out messages through Facebook, if you have an account but are not receiving those messages, let me know.
If you join, tell me and I’ll add you to the ITALY ROME MISSION – PACINI’S group.
Through this group I have been sending out updates.
I will post updates here on our mission website.
This is the last we have heard, after having Facebook contact with many,
particularly Loredana DeFeo & Patrizia Vacarona and
talking to the Calabrese’s, Consoli’s and others:
All missionaries and members are safe.
The Melone’s and Palone’s have lost their homes.
We are not sure about the Church.
The Calebrese’s who live south of Rome, felt the quake and
spent an hour outside waiting to see what was going to happen.
The epicenter was right in the center of L’Aquila.
Members want to go up and help, but the freeway is closed because
they are worried that the bridges going to L’Aquila might collapse.
It is a terrible thing, please keep them all in your prayers!
Molti ci hanno contattato voler sapere ciò che sappiamo circa il terremoto che ha colpito L'Aquila, Italia, la notte scorsa.
Siamo stati in contatto, per tutta la notte con i membri della Roma.
Sono stato l'invio di messaggi tramite Facebook, se si dispone di un conto, ma non sono quelli che ricevono i messaggi, me scriva e aggiungere alla
Attraverso questo gruppo mi è stato l'invio di aggiornamenti.
I post saranno aggiornamenti sulla nostra missione sito:
Questa è l'ultima che abbiamo sentito,
dopo aver parlato alla Calabrese's, Consoli e gli altri:
Tutti i missionari ei membri sono al sicuro.
Il Melone di Palone e hanno perso le loro case.
Il Calebrese del sud di Roma, ha sentito il terremoto e ha
trascorso un'ora di attesa al di fuori per vedere che cosa stava per accadere.
L'epicentro è stato proprio nel centro di L'Aquila.
I deputati vogliono andare e aiuto, ma l'autostrada è chiusa,
perché sono preoccupati che i ponti andare a L'Aquila potrebbe crollare.
E 'una cosa terribile, si prega di tenere tutti nelle vostre preghiere!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One of President Pacini's Mission Presidents.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Radman family!

Ivan Radman 1928 ~ 2009 Ivan Radman passed away March 14, 2009 in the arms of his wife and children, blanketed in the love of 30 grandchildren, 19 great-grand-children and dear friends.Born, March 22, 1928 in Radmani on the Dalmatian Coast of Yugoslavia to Joseph Radman and Natalia Stefanic, Ivan learned early the value of dedication to task, wisdom in choice as well as the perils of totalitarianism. His young years were spent tending the family's farm and animals as well as serving in their small village grocery store. World War II brought turmoil and destruction to their region with friends and family members suffering the ravages of war. Forced from his family and homeland in his teens as a political refugee, Ivan sought asylum in Italy for the duration of the war before migrating to Australia in 1949 on a program for displaced persons. Ivan met and married the love of his life, Janet Tredrea, whose love has enriched their 56 wondrous years together. They were subsequently sealed in the Logan temple for time and all eternity. Six children were born to their union, Peter, Martin, Jordan, Donna (Smylie), JoAnne (Crook), Bronte (Clarke). Ivan became a member of the LDS church in 1952 and has engaged in faithful service as a home teacher, bishop, mission president of the Italy Milan mission and the New Zealand Christchurch mission, as well as many other callings. Ivan cherished his experiences with his missionaries and has held dear in his heart each one individually. His love of, and devotion to gospel principles has been the cornerstone of his life. In 1978 Ivan, Janet and family moved to the United States, settled in Salt Lake City, built a home, started a family business and eventually became proud US citizens. Ivan embraced life with enthusiasm, boundless energy, abiding respect for his fellow man, unwavering confidence in the resiliency of the human spirit and indomitable passion in all his endeavors. He loved sports, especially tennis and squash. In all his pursuits, Ivan brought his best game, a generosity of spirit, relentless effort and determination. He taught by example, inspired through actions and encouraged with exhortation and compassion. His greatest joy came through interaction with his family, friends and associates. Ivan loved life, lived each day to its fullest, always maintained a sense of humor through adversity and rose to meet every challenge. He will be dearly missed. The family extends a special thanks to the doctors and nurses of the ICU at SL Regional Medical Center. Funeral services will be held on Saturday, March 21 at 12 p.m. at the LDS Mount Olympus 2nd Ward located at 3862 E. Oakview Drive (4342 S). Friends may call Friday, March 20 from 6-8 p.m. at Memorial Mortuary, 5850 S. 900 E. Burial will be in Holladay Memorial Park, 4900 Memory Lane (1900 E.) Condolences and contact info:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From Anziano De Mattos - an update on his little girl

Carissimi Presidente e Sorella Pacini:
Come state? Appena tornato al lavoro vi scrivo per darvi delle notizie sulla piccola Costanza.
Venerdì scorso le hanno fatto un' eco doppler per misurare il funzionamento del cuoricino e dei polmoni. Ci siamo sentiti molto benedetti quando il cardiologo ci ha detto che la situazione non è gravissima. Da adesso in poi dovremo soltanto controllare lo sviluppo e la crescita della bimba. Se continua a crescere senza problemi non faranno niente, almeno per il momento.
I problemi sono:
Ci sono delle comunicazioni tra le auricole e tra i ventricoli, inoltre una delle valvole ( quella dell'arteria polmonare) non funzina del tutto bene. Niente però comporta un rischio di vita. Attualmente i problemi cardiaci non provocano una maggior pressione ai polmoni. In chiesa sono stato chiamato consigliere nel vescovato. È una grandissima opportunità di progresso. Nel nostro quartiere c'è il presidente di palo e l'Anziano Etchegaray, Settanta Autorità di Area, la cui presenza alle lezioni del sacerdozio e della Scuola Dominicale ci arricchisce sempre.
Ia prima domenica di gennaio abbiamo fatto la benedizione di
Costanza e abbiamo scattato la fotografia che vi spedisco. Vi voglio ringraziare per le vostre preghiere e per la fede di tanti cari amici aggiunta in favore di Costanza.
Vi voglio tanto bene. Un forte abbraccio a tutti,